Teddybär Krankenhaus KL Krems
Friday, 01. March 2024

Am 26. Februar 2024 waren wieder die „Teddy Docs“ im Teddybär Krankenhaus an der KL Krems im Einsatz, um mit den jungen Besucher:innen kuschelige Patientinnen und Patienten zu behandeln.

Established in 2013, Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences (KL) is part of a wider academic and research community based at Campus Krems, and of a network comprising teaching hospitals in St. Pölten, Krems and Tulln. The University offers degree programmes in Human Medicine, Psychotherapy and Counselling Sciences, and Psychology – all of which are significant aspects of health policy. The programmes are tailored to the requirements of the Bologna model, opening the door to new, cutting-edge health professions. KL is committed to raising its profile in specific areas of biomedicine and biopsychosocial sciences by entering into strategic academic and research partnerships with other institutions.

The university is looking to fill the following professorship at the earliest possible opportunity:


For the 98th time the International Women's Day will be celebrated on March 8th.


Golden Globe for Ben Wishaw, among others leading actor in the movie "Little Joe".


We wish you a Merry Christmas and great Christmas Holidays!


The project of the Piaristengymnasium "Re-use instead of throwing away" recently received active support from the Karl Landsteiner University.


Last weekend, KL University opened its doors to interested students.


Today KL University celebrated its 5th anniversary with many celebrities in a festive ceremony.


Learning place with view over the roofs of Krems: For pupils of the Gartenbauschule Langenlois the practical lessons are temporarily transferred to the roof terrace of the KL.


A presentation of the Skills Labs at the Karl Landsteiner Private University Krems proved to be very interesting.


Since the beginning of this week, KL has been the location for filming. Jessica Hausner shoots her new film in international co-production with Great Britain and Germany at the KL premises.

The latest national and international media reports on dubious practices of some scientific publishers ("predatory publishing") give the impression that there is also a serious problem for Austria as a research location. However, this is not the case. All available data show that only a very small number of scientists in Austria, who are in the per mille range, are affected by such practices. In addition, the local and international scientific community addressed the phenomenon at an early stage and developed binding standards.


Help the Austrian Woman´s National Team of Flag Football to make the dream of the world champion come true!

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