Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität, Gesundheitsuni Krems

About us

Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences (KL) at the Krems Campus is an educational and research institution that is recognised throughout Europe.

KL is committed to fostering new ideas and great careers: Building on its values and following the legacy of its namesake Karl Landsteiner, the university is laying the foundation for outstanding professional and human achievements and is thus playing a key role in shaping the health sciences. KL is fuelled by the professional expertise, diverse perspectives and curiosity of all its members – from students to academics and administrative staff. KL builds on the professional knowledge, diverse perspectives and enthusiasm of all its members – from students to researchers to university staff. Together with its partners in research, education and business, the university is continuously working on advancing developments in the health sciences and medicine – for the benefit of humanity and for the future of healthcare.

Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität, Gesundheitsuni Krems, Campus Krems

We celebrate 10 years of Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences. Celebrate with us!