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Growing population, higher life expectancy, rising costs in medical and therapeutic care as well as a great demand for interdisciplinary trained specialists in the field of health sciences - the health of the future demands new perspectives! The Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences (KL) sees itself as a pioneer and catalyst for innovative, socially relevant teaching and research areas in medicine and health care in order to contribute to dealing with social challenges.

The social task and obligation

KL is one of the youngest private universities in Austria, founded in 2013 in Krems. We train and educate the health scientists, doctors and psychologists of tomorrow and see the concept of health in the broadest possible form. Socio-economic framework conditions, psychological aspects or changes in our living conditions relevant to the environment: In the sense of a contemporary view on health and illness as the key to physical, mental and spiritual well-being, KL brings key fields of health policy under a common, unifying roof of health sciences and implements these contents in research and teaching.

Interdisciplinary, integrative and international

With its Bachelor-Master system, which is recognised throughout Europe, KL sees itself as a flexible educational institution that is tailored to the needs of students and the demands of the labour market: KL students receive academic training to the highest quality standards and graduates possess intellectual, scientific and social skills that make them sought-after specialists in the health sector.

In research, KL guarantees open, application-oriented basic research at the highest level. KL conducts internationally competitive, translational and clinical research and concentrates on niche fields in health-politically relevant bridge disciplines such as medical technology, psychodynamics and psychology as well as the topic of water quality and the associated health aspects.

Your commitment to health with a future

Among the main sources of funding for the KL are tuition fees, income from funded research projects, contract research as well as contribution for cost coverage by the state of Lower Austria. The non-profit Karl Landsteiner Private University of Health Sciences GmbH does not receive public federal funds. Raising funds via donations or grants enables KL to promote and implement exceptional projects, programs and initiatives.

You want to support Karl Landsteiner Private University? Be our companion and strengthen our vision of a "health with a future". Supporting education and science at KL is possible in many ways - with one-time support or regular donations.

A multitude of possibilities

Exemplary cooperation opportunities:

  • Support KL in implementing strategically important project ideas
  • Support a specific research topic or study course
  • Award scholarships
  • Support students who excel through outstanding achievements
  • Enable an endowed or visiting professorship and thus promote research and teaching
  • Help to provide the necessary university equipment (medical equipment, laboratory equipment, demonstration and test equipment) for teaching and research
  • Help to build up the Alumni Club for graduates of KL
  • Learn more about sponsorship opportunities
  • Get more information about the KL body donation system

Your commitment to health with a future

KL as a pulse generator

KL sees itself as a driving force for new ways into a modern future of health and medicine. KL relies on a flexible and open university structure in order to be able to react quickly and dynamically to current developments and to sharpen the university profile in line with relevant social needs. Internationally oriented research activities and a modern teaching and research program reinforce the striving for a health with a future.

  • Act as a companion in a young university
  • Increase the awareness of the Karl Landsteiner private university
  • Strengthen Lower Austria as a location for knowledge and research

KL as an established educational institution on Campus Krems

KL students receive an academic education according to the highest quality standards. The lean and efficient organisational structure with a flat hierarchy allows the students of KL a high degree of flexibility and openness. In teaching, the focus is on the students and their respective learning requirements. The contents of the curricula are science-led and practice-oriented and the development of social-communicative competence, inter-professional teamwork and the understanding of ethical questions is explicitly promoted.

  • Help to attract the best minds
  • Support inquisitive people on their individual way of life
  • Contribute to training, challenging and developing talent
  • Secure a knowledge advantage for KL students through practice-oriented teaching and small group teaching

Support of research projects

KL as an internationally visible research institution

KL sees itself as an internationally anchored university institution with quality-assured teaching and research in the field of health sciences. In addition to the acquisition of outstanding researchers, KL seeks cooperation with renowned scientific institutions and research institutions in the relevant fields.

  • Support scientists and highly qualified young researchers
  • Support KL in the international orientation of research and teaching
  • Make a contribution to medical research
  • Support internationally oriented research activities

Are you interested in supporting the research areas at KL?

Funding projects

Many thanks to the supporters of KL. Their donation has the potential to realize important projects in teaching and research.

The following projects have already been realized:

KL for you - our partnership

Leave your traces

KL is writing a success story in Lower Austria's education and research landscape. Support us and get involved in the further development of KL.

Your trust is our obligation

KL guarantees a respectful and appreciative relationship and trustful contact with its supporters.

We for you

Expand your network, visit our events and get to know other KL supporters. Benefit from the knowledge transfer and exchange with students, teachers, researchers and employees.

Special thanks go to all supporters of KL. They make a significant contribution to the quality of teaching and research at KL and to securing Lower Austria as a location for education and science.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct defines KL's principles and guidelines for dealing with private donations as part of a voluntary commitment.



  1. 05 Jun

    Queer Movie Night

    05. June 2023, 18:00 - 22:00
    Kino im Kesselhaus
  2. 21 Jun

    Lunchtime Seminar Series: TBA

    21. June 2023, 12:00 - 13:00
    Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität, TBA
  3. 04 Jul

    The Mirage of Biosocial Complexity: Critique and Collaboration Around the Tools of Epigenetics

    04. July 2023, 17:00
    Vienna BioCenter, IMBA lecture hall, Dr.-Bohr-Gasse 3, 1030 Vienna. (It will be possible to participate online.)