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Growing populations, higher life expectancy, rising costs in medical and therapeutic care as well as a great demand for interdisciplinary trained professionals in the field of health sciences - the health of the future demands new perspectives!

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Interdisciplinary, integrative and international

With its Europe-wide recognised Bachelor-Master system, the Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences (KL) sees itself as a flexible educational institution that is tailored to the needs of students and the requirements of the labour market. Students at KL receive an academic education of the highest quality standards and graduates possess intellectual, scientific and social skills that make them sought-after professionals in the healthcare sector. In research, KL guarantees open, application-oriented basic research at the highest level. KL conducts internationally competitive translational and clinical research, focusing on niche fields in bridging disciplines relevant to health policy, such as medical technology, psychodynamics and psychology, as well as the topic of water quality and related health aspects.

The social task and obligation

KL was founded in Krems in 2013 and is one of the youngest private universities in Austria. The KL trains the health scientists, doctors and psychologists of tomorrow - the concept of health is understood in the broadest possible sense. The concept of health is understood in the broadest possible way, be it socio-economic conditions, psychological aspects or environmentally relevant changes in our living conditions: In the sense of a contemporary view of health and illness as the key to physical, mental and spiritual well-being, KL brings key fields that are decisive for health policy under a common, unifying umbrella of health sciences and implements this content in research and teaching.

Committed to a healthy future

KL's main sources of funding include tuition fees, income from funded research projects, contract research as well as the financing and funding contribution to cover the costs of the State of Lower Austria. Due to the federal government's ban on funding, the non-profit Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität für Gesundheitswissenschaften GmbH does not receive any public federal funding. Fundraising in the form of donations or grants enables KL to promote and implement exceptional projects, programmes and initiatives.

Would you like to support Karl Landsteiner Private University? Be our companion and support our vision of "health with a future". Supporting education and science at KL is possible in many ways - with a one-time support or regular donations.

The Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences (KL) sees itself here as a pioneer and catalyst for innovative, socially relevant areas of teaching and research in medicine and healthcare in order to make its contribution to solving the challenges facing society.

The KL as a source of inspiration

KL sees itself as a driving force for new paths towards a modern future of health and medicine. KL relies on a flexible and open university structure in order to be able to react quickly and dynamically to current developments and to sharpen the university profile in terms of relevant social needs. Internationally oriented research activities and a modern teaching and research programme reinforce the aspiration for a health with a future.

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  • Strengthen Lower Austria as a centre of knowledge and research.

KL as an established educational institution at the Krems Campus

Students at KL receive an academic education according to the highest quality standards. The lean and efficient organisational structure with a flat hierarchy allows KL students a high degree of flexibility and openness. In teaching, the focus is on the students and their respective learning requirements. The content of the curricula is science-led and practice-oriented, and the development of social-communicative competence, interprofessional teamwork and the understanding of ethical issues are explicitly promoted.

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  • Support inquisitive people on their individual life paths.
  • Help educate, challenge and promote talent.
  • Ensure KL students have a knowledge advantage through practice-oriented teaching and small group instruction.

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KL is writing a success story in Lower Austria's education and research landscape. Support us and get involved in the further development of KL.

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KL guarantees a respectful and appreciative relationship and trusting contact with its supporters.

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Special thanks go to all KL supporters. They make a significant contribution to the quality of teaching and research at KL and to securing Lower Austria as a centre of education and science.

The Fundraising Code of Conduct defines KL's principles and guidelines for dealing with private donations as part of a voluntary commitment.


Funding successes

Many thanks to the KL supporters, whose donations make it possible to realise important projects in teaching and research.

  • EVN Social Fund supports chat platform open2chat

    EVN Social Fund - Energy for Science

    The Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences is pleased to receive research funding from the EVN Social Fund.
    A research project of the Karl Landsteiner Private University (KL) made it through the selection process. The pilot project open2chat.at, which is scientifically accompanied by KL, enables children and young people to get in touch with trained people of the same age from their age group via chat in order to talk about problems. Especially in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic, it becomes clear how beneficial low-threshold services can be for the mental health of young people. In order to be able to guarantee a target group-specific evaluation and subsequently a sustainable research process of the pilot project open2chat, the EVN Social Fund will finance the student collaboration for one year.
    "We at KL developed this project in an open science expertise to support young people in their needs, which became even more necessary due to the corona pandemic," Markus Böckle, who is involved in the project as scientific director, sums it up. "The student collaboration contributes significantly to communication at eye level with the young people and thus to the research success and sustainability of open2chat.at."

    Further information: www.kl.ac.at/forschung/arbeitsgruppen/dot/open

  • Teddy Bear Hospital

    Teddy Bear Hospital awarded as part of the Sparkasse Krems Private Foundation's 2022 Promotion Prize

    At a gala in the premises of the Kloster Und on 20 June 2023, the Teddy Bear Hospital Lower Austria, a project by KL students, was awarded the 2022 Sponsorship Prize of the Sparkasse Krems Private Foundation. Initiator Leonie Bürgl and project leader Max Koschier as well as KL Rector Rudolf Mallinger accepted the prize. The grant money will enable the KL students to prepare and implement further events in the coming academic year. From the beginning, the Teddy Bear Hospital has been supported by Karl Landsteiner Private University, which provides the students with the premises of the university building for the events, among other things.
    The Teddy Bear Hospital has already existed in Austria for several years, the idea originally came from Sweden. The aim of the Teddy Bear Hospital is to help children between the ages of 3 and 10 to overcome their fear of hospitals, doctors and the medical environment in a playful way. In the Teddy Bear Hospital, the patients are cuddly toys and the children are their companions; medical students from the KL act as "Teddy Doctors". In Krems, the project was started by KL students in autumn 2019 and has been carried out 5 times since then. In total, the event was attended by 1500 children and around 300 KL students volunteered as teddy-docs. The TBKH can be visited by kindergartens and primary schools as well as by private persons by appointment, the event has so far taken place at the University Hospital Krems, at Krems schools as well as at KL.

    Further information: www.tbkh.at

  • Seaman Award

    Science Award for Graduates of the Master's Programme in Human Medicine

    The US veterinarian and medical doctor Richard Seaman dedicated his life passionately to the medical profession, research and teaching. While on a Danube cruise during a trip to Europe with his wife Judith, Richard Seaman succumbed to the consequences of a stroke in autumn 2018.
    With the Seaman Award, the Seaman family expresses their gratitude for the great treatment and care in the intensive care unit of the University Hospital St. Pölten by the team of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christoph Hörmann as well as the empathetic support of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Streicher, Professor of Anatomy and Developmental Biology at KL, in handling the necessary steps after Ric Seaman's passing and the fulfilment of his last will.
    This science award is offered five times in total. Graduates are recognised for their outstanding Master's theses as part of the academic graduation ceremony. In September 2019, it was awarded for the first time in memory of Dr Richard Seaman to graduates of the Master of Human Medicine programme.

    KL would like to thank Judith Seaman and her family for their generous support!

Laureate Seaman Award

Laureate 2019:

  • Dr. Felix Czernilofsky BSc
  • Mag. DDr. Elisabeth Fabian BSc
  • Dr. Joana Kopp BSc
  • Dr. Matthäus Georg Strieder BSc
  • Dr. Lukas Tölly BSc

Laureate 2020:

Katharina Dorothea Tscherny and Clemens Bernhard Kirschner took second place ex aequo, which is endowed with € 500, while Anna Christina Rosenmayr was able to convince the jury the most with her Master's thesis, winning first place, which is endowed with € 1,000.

Laureate 2021:

First prize was awarded to the theses of Dr.in Stepanhie Hörmann BSc and Dr.in Christy Meledeth BSc. Due to the high quality, another five master theses received a recognition award:

Dr.in Nele Eicken BSc, Dr.in Anna Grossauer BSc, Dr.in Anna-Maria Höbarth BSc, Dr.in Anita Oppenauer BSc, Dr. Theo Pirich BSc.

Laureates 2022:

  • Nasim Nakhost Lotfi
  • Alexander Rohrbacher
  • Antonia-Maria Stadler
  • Sophie Klamminger
  • Philipp Christoph Köhler
  • Casey Zachariah

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Bank details

Recipient: Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences

Reason for payment: KL Donation

Bank: Bank Austria

IBAN: AT19 1200 0100 1320 3616


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Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität für Gesundheitswissenschaften GmbH is a state-recognised, accredited private university. According to § 4a (2) Z 1 EstG 1988, donations (voluntary contributions) to the Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität für Gesundheitswissenschaften GmbH with the purpose of promoting research and teaching are tax deductible.

Donation deductibility

Due to the introduction of the "automatic employee tax assessment" for employed persons by the Ministry of Finance as of 01.01.2017, donations to tax-privileged recipients such as Karl Landsteiner Private University are only tax-deductible if you provide us with your first and last name as well as your date of birth (DD.MM.YYYY). The spelling of the name must correspond to that on the registration form.

As an organisation that benefits from donations, we are obliged to forward this data together with your annual donation amount (in encrypted form) to the tax office. The amount donated is then automatically taken into account by the tax office in the employee tax assessment. Due to the fundamental change in the process, it is no longer possible for you to independently report the donation to the authorities (as was previously the case) from 2017 onwards.

Anonymous donations or donations without complete and correct details of first name, surname and date of birth cannot be reported to the authorities and therefore cannot be processed for tax purposes or deducted in your favour.

It is of course still possible to make donations anonymously, but by doing so you forgo tax deductibility.

What is the maximum deductible amount?

In the case of companies, deductibility as a business expense (§ 4 a (1) EStG) is limited by the fact that the total amount of donations may not exceed 10% of the profit of the current business year.

For private individuals, § 18 (1) Z 7 EstG allows the deduction of special expenses up to 10% of the donor's total income.

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