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Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences strives for excellence in research. This creates an environment where talented researchers can devote their full energy to the work.

Research at Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences is marked by scientific collaboration between different departments from key fields of health sciences and medicine. KL focuses specifically on research fields relevant to health policy, including mental health and neurosciences, psychology, oncology, medicine and technology, and water quality and associated health issues. The university is also dedicated to scientific research in primary and secondary care, ranging from nursing science and gerontology to general and family medicine. Clinical research with national and international scope is conducted at the three university hospitals.

With its superb laboratory and research infrastructure, a skilled research service and an ever-growing network of scientific and business partners, KL supports scientific careers and helps to create role models for prospective researchers.

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Where can I see KL’s research output?

KRIS research portal
KL Research Information System

The KRIS research portal presents the entire research output of researchers at Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences. The portal facilitates searches for research achievements, people and organisational units. Publications, research projects, awards and memberships are all presented in a clear and consistent way on KRIS. KRIS enables experts to network and ensures the visibility of public research activities.

Visit the KL research information system

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Research projects

Overview of current, completed and imminent research projects at KL.

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Research database containing all scientific publications from Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences.

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Gudrun Kreye

Highly skilled researchers

Researcher Portraits

The curiosity and expertise of committed scientists give rise to new knowledge. KL researchers come from a wide variety of disciplines. Their enthusiasm for research makes them a driving force at our university and opens the way for new developments in society. Our Researcher Portraits series presents outstanding researchers at KL.

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Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences conducts basic research and translational, applied and clinical research at its various teaching and research locations. Interdisciplinary collaboration creates scope for new insights.

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Research Service and Forschungsimpulse

The Research Management Unit sees itself as a hub for all partners keen to make scientific advances. It is the central location for research coordination and aims to consolidate and promote an internationally competitive research culture at KL.

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Online library

KL e-resources for researchers and students

This contains an extensive range of electronic resources licensed for you by the Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences

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