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KL Ambassadors

Become a KL Ambassador!

As a KL Ambassador, you are the face of KL and have a voice on our platforms. You will inform prospective students about the courses on offer and support the PR & Marketing Team in communicating with the outside world.
Our students are our most important ambassadors to the outside world. You too can tell prospective students about your experience at KL and become a KL Ambassador!

The activities include the following areas:

  • Participation in trade fairs & events at home and abroad
  • Support at KL events such as "Open Day", "Young Uni", etc.
  • School visits
  • Production of social media content
  • Online consultations
  • Guides House tours and much more


As an Ambassador

  • you are the face of KL
  • you will be actively involved in PR activities
  • enlarge your personal network
  • expand your communication skills
  • financial compensation in the form of a flat hourly rate 

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For further information write to presse@kl.ac.at

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Sandra Tragschitz

Sandra Tragschitz

Communications, PR and Marketing