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International Mobility - Studying Abroad 

KL Endorses ERASMUS+ To Fund Stays Abroad

Erasmus+ is the EU programme to promote education, training, youth and sport in Europe. It enables Europeans to study abroad, continue their education, gain work experience or do voluntary work.  

  • Erasmus+ funds accommodation and travel costs for KL affiliates travelling abroad. 
  • Funding is also available for inclusion and environmentally friendly travelling. 

The following inclusion support can be applied for:

  • Top-up for inclusion as a monthly lump sum
  • IInclusion support through the assumption of additional costs actually incurred

Details on top-ups

  •  Top-up for inclusion for students and recent graduates with fewer opportunities
    • in case of a disability 
    • in the event of a chronic illness, if this results in increased expenses during the Erasmus+ stay compared to the cost of living in the sending country
    • f you are taking your dependent children with you on your Erasmus+ stay

You can only receive the top-up for inclusion once, even if more than one category applies to you.

  • Top-up for incoming students from Ukraine

Details on inclusion support
The purpose of inclusion support is to cover additional costs incurred due to an Erasmus+ stay or a preparatory visit. KL may apply for inclusion support for the following Erasmus+ participants:

  • KL Erasmus+ students with fewer opportunities 
  • KL Erasmus+ students who are not among the participants with fewer opportunities defined in Austria, but who can demonstrate a need for additional financial support
  • Erasmus+ KL Employees with disabilities
  • Erasmus+ KL Employees with a chronic illness who have increased expenses during their Erasmus+ stay compared to living costs in the sending country 

For an approved Erasmus+ stay, there is also the possibility of a preparatory visit as part of inclusion support..


Funding options for environmentally friendly travel

  • Students who do not receive travel cost support receive a one-off top-up if they travel in an environmentally friendly way.. 
  •  Up to 4 travel days (for both outward and return journeys) are subsidised for environmentally friendly travel if required. 

The Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) forms the legal basis for participation in the Erasmus+ programme. The Charter entitles higher education institutions to apply for funding for all types of activities in the EU education programme Erasmus+ that are accessible to higher education institutions. It defines the general quality framework for European and international cooperation activities in the programme. This applies both to projects that are submitted to the National Agency and to multi-national projects that are submitted to the European Commission. At the end of October 2015, Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences was awarded the Erasmus+ University Charter by the European Commission's Education and Culture Executive Agency. 

Download KL's ECHE here.

The goal of academic mobility is to interpret globalisation in a meaningful, sustainable and resource-saving way. With the growing importance and availability of Big Data and multi-centre, transnational studies - especially in the health sciences - networking becomes more and more important already during post-secondary education. In formulating its strategy for modernisation and internationalisation (EU and non-EU), Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences (KL) has prioritised student and staff mobility, the development of joint degrees, strategic partnerships, knowledge alliances, the establishment of collaborations with EU and non-EU countries, and participation in networks.

As a signatory to the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027, Karl Landsteiner University is committed to the EU agenda for the modernisation and internationalisation of higher education and the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) and makes it an integral part of its institutional development plans and strategic direction.

At KL, we are convinced of the importance of higher education for professional development, as it makes a significant economic, intellectual and cultural contribution to development at regional, national and international levels. We are committed to implementing internationally competitive and excellent science, establishing an inclusive and enthusiastic academic culture and providing high quality teaching for health professionals to enable them to meet future challenges.

The priorities of the EU Action Programme 2021-2027, inclusion and diversity management, are already mapped in the KL development plans as basic concerns and further development goals. In order to ensure unrestricted and equal access, the selection of students and staff, and in particular the selection procedure for mobility programmes, is carried out regardless of personal background, and special attention is paid to disadvantaged participants.

International affairs related to ERASMUS activities are handled in the International Office under the auspices of the Vice-Rector for Education in order to facilitate direct communication with regular students and to promote synergies with the counselling of students, staff and other guests interested in academic mobility programmes.   

An overview of the grading system for the individual degree programmes at KL is available for download as a PDF file. 

Download PDF overview of KL's grading systems

International Office

The KL international office team will be happy to answer your questions by e-mail. 

For a personal consultation, please make an appointment using the e-mail address below.

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