Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität, Gesundheitsuni Krems, 10 Jahre, Jubiläum

10 years KL

10 years KL

10 years of shaping the future of health sciences - Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences (KL) at the Krems Campus celebrates its founding anniversary in 2023. In an effective combination of interdisciplinary research, practice-oriented education and interprofessional collaboration, the University at Campus Krems has been contributing significantly to academic education and scientific progress in the health sciences and medicine since 2013.

Pioneering in Austria: Bologna-compliant medical studies

Karl Landsteiner University was the first university in Austria to establish a two-part, Bologna-compliant medical degree program, thus setting a milestone in the national educational landscape. With an integrated study structure, KL guarantees the training of medical experts at the highest professional and scientific level. Key cornerstones include a modular curriculum, a strong focus on teaching in small groups, and the development of cross-sectional areas that include key competencies such as medical economic and technical knowledge as well as professional development and scientific work. In 2016, KL established the Psychology program, another practice-oriented, full-time course of study - with the aim of explicitly promoting interprofessionalism in both central fields of healthcare.

Interdisciplinary integration of cutting-edge research areas

In research, Karl Landsteiner University has focused from the very beginning on the integration of pioneering disciplines in the fields of technology and medicine as well as the humanities and life sciences. In addition, the university concentrates on scientific research in primary and secondary care. With its competence centers in the fields of general and family medicine, gerontology and aging research, and nursing science with focus on person-centered care research, KL has been able to contribute internationally acclaimed research results in recent years.

One university - three university hospitals

Since 2017, KL has had its own university building at the Krems campus, which provides space for education, research and administration. With three university hospitals in Krems, St. Pölten and Tulln, the university has ensured quality-assured clinical research and education since its foundation. Two further sites in Wiener Neustadt (MedAustron) and Eggenburg (Psychosomatic Center Waldviertel) contribute significantly to interdisciplinary research and practice-oriented training. Numerous scientific and economic partners in Austria and abroad offer researchers, students and alumni the opportunity to enhance their practical training and to pursue a research career.

Shaping the future of health sciences: PhD program and new study offers

Karl LandsteinerUniversity is heading into the future with important projects: In 2023, the first PhD program in the field of Mental Health and Neuroscience will be submitted for accreditation to the Austrian Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation (AQ Austria). With this, the university is taking another key step in the development of academic career models. At the end of 2023, the Krems campus will be expanded with new building complexes - KL will be moving into another building as well, creating more space for education and research. In addition, the range of study programs at the university is to be expanded in the coming years - always keeping in mind the future requirements in the healthcare sector and the increasing demand for staff on the labor market.

Benefit for Lower Austria: KL as an economic partner and attractive employer

Thanks to its patient-oriented research and the high quality of its graduates, Karl Landsteiner University not only contributes to the stability of healthcare in Lower Austria. As a university enterprise, KL also increasingly plays an important growth factor in the local economy. With more than 200 employees, KL has established itself as an attractive regional company to work for. Together, the KL team contributes to enabling research and education to make Karl Landsteiner University a place of inspiration and motivation.