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Science Skills Services

KL promotes the sustainable development of expertise for research at the university hospitals.

The Science Skills Services offer a comprehensive range of further training for staff working in science at the KL university hospitals.

For young scientists at university hospitals, grants can be applied for to attend congresses, conferences and specialist courses. These are financed by funds from the research impulses.

The Science Skills Services offer courses on the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of scientific research
  • Ethical and legal frameworks of medical research
  • Scientific methodology and statistics
  • Design and administration of research projects
  • Language skills and professional communication in English
  • Scientific writing (grant applications, study protocols, publications)
  • Presentation to a scientific and broad public audience.

Academic staff at the KL University Hospitals can view the current range of courses online and register for courses via the KL administration system OpenCampus. Grants for participation in conferences, symposia or congresses are also awarded via the OpenCampus administration system.

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Science Skills Services

Courses´ announcement & registration

Promoting the development of scientific competence at university hospitals.

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Guidelines for application for a course and conference subsidy

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Regular coaching sessions on the topic of literature and publication management are designed to provide researchers with the best possible support for their publication projects and to answer their specific questions. The coaching sessions take place online, either individually or in small groups. If you are interested, please contact the Research Management Unit.

Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität, Gesundheitsuni Krems

The Karger publishing house offers online tutorials for students and young researchers on publication support. The offer includes courses in the area of study planning as well as clear assistance around the submission process of a paper.

Instructions for remote access (in German)

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For an optimal course offer, we need your support to identify the needs of the university hospitals. The online questionnaire will help us to better plan upcoming courses. It only takes a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. You can access the questionnaire with your OpenCampus login (Questionnaire in German)

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Bildungsangebot der LGA

Current course programme

The NÖ Landesgesundheitsagentur (LGA; Lower Austrian Provincial Health Agency ) offers a comprehensive educational programme for the medical staff of its clinics. Further information and the course catalogue (PDF) can be found on the website of the LGA's educational programme.


MMag. Sabine Brandstetter Bakk

MMag. Sabine Brandstetter Bakk

Research Management Unit