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Centre for Clinical Trials

ZKS (Zentrum für Klinische Studien) at University Hospital St. Pölten

The Centre for Clinical Studies (ZKS) was created by the KL together with the Medical Directorate at St. Pölten University Hospital as part of the Forschungsimpulse. The task of the centre is to support researching clinicians in the administrative handling of clinical research projects. In the pilot phase, the operational work is limited to the University Hospital St. Pölten. Networking with the study offices of the university hospitals in Krems and Tulln promotes cooperation and enables the use of synergies.

Fields of activity of the ZKS

  • Operational support of the researchers at the University Hospital St. Pölten
  • Bundling of competencies in the areas:
    • Cooperation with academic and industrial research cooperation partners, ethics commissions and regulatory authorities
    • Planning and organisation of clinical trials, in particular, the implementation of electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF), research data management and quality assurance measures
  • Establishment of standards for the administration of research projects at the interfaces between KL, NÖ Langesgesundheitsagentur (LGA; Lower Austrian Regional Health Agency) and university hospitals.
  • Communication of resources for research funding from the Forschungsimpulse to the researchers at the university hospitals:


Dr. Oliver Friedrich

Dr. Oliver Friedrich

Research Management Unit

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