Monday, 11. March 2024

New Rectorate of TU Wien visits KL

On Wednesday, 28 February 2024, the new University Management of the Vienna University of Technology visited the Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences in Krems (KL Krems) for the first time.

Front row f.l.t.r.: Jasmin Gründling-Riener, Vizerektorin Lehre (TU); Manfred Wieser, Vizerektor Lehre (KL); Sabine Siegl-Amerer, Prorektorin (KL); Ute Koch, Vizerektorin Personal (TU); Rektor Jens Schneider (TU)
Second row f.l.t.r.:: Peter Ertl, Vizerektor Forschung, Innovation, Internationales (TU); Wolfgang Kastner, Vizerektor Digitalisierung und Infrastruktur (TU); Rektor Rudolf Mallinger (KL); Andreas Farnleitner, Leiter des FB Wasserqualität und Gesundheit sowie des ICC Water & Health

The Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) has been one of the Karl Landsteiner University's strongest partners from the outset. From the very beginning, TU Wien - a shareholder of KL Krems since 2016 - has been committed to the joint development of interdisciplinary research fields relevant to health science in the areas of biomechanics and water quality and the associated health aspects.

"We have enjoyed a successful partnership with Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences for more than a decade," confirms Jens Schneider, the new Rector of TU Wien. "We would like to transfer this cooperation and the successful models of collaboration in research to new topics. In addition to the existing subject areas of "Water and Health" and "Biomechanics", we want to identify research topics in which we can develop international visibility for Austria as a location together with KL Krems and partners from our ecosystems." Rudolf Mallinger, Rector of KL Krems, thanked his new counterpart for the confirmation of the good collaboration: "We are very pleased to continue the excellent cooperation and to expand it further in the future."

In addition to strategic discussions with the University Management of KL Krems, the programme also included a tour of the university buildings on Campus Krems. The new Rectorate of TU Wien also visited the two scientific units that are closely linked to the technical university: In the laboratory of Dieter Pahr, Head of the Division of Biomechanics at KL and Head of IUBL, the Inter-University Biomechanics Laboratory of KL and TU Wien, the visitors were given an insight into the diverse infrastructure required for biomechanical investigations of biological tissues, implant systems and biomaterials of all kinds.

In the laboratory of Andreas Farnleitner, Head of the Division of Water Quality and Health at KL and Head of the ICC Water & Health, the inter-university cooperation centre of TU Wien, MedUni Vienna and KL in the field of "Water and Health", the Viennese colleagues gained an impression of the scientific work of the successful research team: The focus is on the development and application of pioneering methods for analysing water quality in natural and technical systems.fahren zur Analyse der Wasserqualität in natürlichen und technischen Systemen.