Medizin, Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität, ohne NC, Krems, Seziersaal Anatomie St. Pölten

Dissecting room University Hospital St. Pölten

KL students have the opportunity to acquire important skills and abilities that are crucial for their later work as doctors at the University Hospital of St. Pölten. A wide array of options are available in the pathology department of the university hospital. The dissection room has capacity for 24 students (from autumn 2023: 30 students) and six lecturers to work together here from Monday to Friday from 1-5 pm. A 3D printer is also available for teaching purposes. The first interdisciplinary course offered by the Medicine and Psychology study programmes was held here.

Students and teachers can use the following resources:
  • 3D printers: For scanning and magnified and semi-transparent printing of pathologically altered body parts such as heart valves and larynx, for example, for the purpose of visualising specific patient situations.
  • Workstation/computer for Master students
  • Microscopy stations offering light microscopy capabilities as well as a surgical microscope

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