Thursday, 15. February 2024

13. Symposium Dürnstein 2024: What will we eat tomorrow? Questions about the future of food

The Symposium Dürnstein 2024  will be held on the topic of WHAT WILL WE EAT TOMORROW? Questions on the future of food from 14 to 16 March 2024 at Dürnstein Abbey / Wachau . As part of the panel discussion on the opening evening, DDr Elisabeth Fabian, resitent doctor at the Division of Internal Medicine 2 at Krems University Hospital and nutritionist, will discuss "Food security in Austria".

The Dürnstein 2024 symposium will focus on the highly topical issue of future food security. Under the title "What will we eat tomorrow? Questions about the future of food", international experts will discuss questions about the future of our food - both in a national and international context.

The main topics are soil and water resources as the basis of our food, but also the transformation of agriculture, the food trade, our purchasing behaviour and ethical aspects of nutrition. The discussion will be guided by questions such as: How are globalisation and climate change altering our resources? How safe is our food? What is being served to us and what role do ethical considerations play in nutritional issues?

The topic will be scrutinised from different perspectives in lectures and discussion panels. Speakers include Karl Bauer (AT), Ille Gebeshuber (AT), Martin Kainz (AT), Lisa Kaltenegger (AT), Sofia Monsalve, Hanni Rützler (AT), Gunther Hirschfelder (DE) and Josef Settele (DE).

The Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences is a co-operation partner of the Dürnstein Symposium. The event is also supported by the KL Alumni Club.

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