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  1. 2021

    • Zeitschriftenartikel

      • Al-Schameri, A.Rahman, Thakur, S., Kral, M., Schwartz, C., Pikija, S., Sherif, C., Weymayr, F. & Richling, B., 2021. Microsurgical and endovascular treatment of un-ruptured cerebral aneurysms by European hybrid neurosurgeons to balance surgical skills and medical staff management. Acta neurochirurgica.

      • Furtner, J., Nenning, K.H., Roetzer, T., Gesperger, J., Seebrecht, L., Weber, M., Grams, A., Leber, S.L., Marhold, F., Trenkler, J., Kiesel, B., Widhalm, G., Asenbaum, U., Woitek, R., Berghoff, A.S., Prayer, D., Langs, G., Preusser, M., Wohrer, A. & Sherif, C., 2021. Evaluation of the Temporal Muscle Thickness as an Independent Prognostic Biomarker in Patients with Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma. Cancers, 13(3).

      • Grassner, L., Petr, O., Warner, F.M., Dedeciusova, M., Mathis, A.Maria, Pinggera, D., Gsellmann, S., Meiners, L.C., Freigang, S., Mokry, M., Resch, A., Kretschmer, T., Rossmann, T., Navarro, F.Ruiz, Gruber, A., Spendel, M., Winkler, P.A., Marhold, F., Sherif, C., Wais, J.P., Rossler, K., Pfisterer, W., Mühlbauer, M., Trivik-Barrientos, F.A., Rath, S., Voldrich, R., Krska, L., Lipina, R., Kerekanic, M., Fiedler, J., Kasik, P., Priban, V., Tichy, M., Krupa, P., Cesak, T., Kroupa, R., Callo, A., Haninec, P., Pohlodek, D., Krahulik, D., Sejkorova, A., Sames, M., Dvorak, J., Suchomel, P., Tomas, R., Klener, J., Juran, V., Smrcka, M., Linzer, P., Kaiser, M., Hrabovsky, D., Jancalek, R., Kalin, V., Bozinov, O., Niggli, C., Serra, C., Guatta, R., Kuhlen, D.E., Wanderer, S., Marbacher, S., Lave, A., Schaller, K., Esculier, C., Raabe, A., Kramer, J.L.K., Thomé, C. & Netuka, D., 2021. Trends and outcomes for non-elective neurosurgical procedures in Central Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Scientific reports, 11(1), S.6171.

      • Marhold, F., Popadic, B., Rechberger, P., Berger-Brabec, S., Decristoforo, I., Sherif, C. & Scheichel, F., 2021. Extent of spinal canal obliteration as prognostic factor for functional outcome in patients with spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma: a retrospective study. Acta neurochirurgica.

      • Popadic, B., Scheichel, F., Pinggera, D., Weber, M., Ungersboeck, K., Kitzwögerer, M., Roetzer, T., Oberndorfer, S., Sherif, C., Freyschlag, C.F. & Marhold, F., 2021. The meningioma surface factor: a novel approach to quantify shape irregularity on preoperative imaging and its correlation with WHO grade. Journal of neurosurgery, S.1-7.

      • Popadic, B., Scheichel, F., Themesl, M., Decristoforo, I., Sherif, C. & Marhold, F., 2021. Nerve root herniation with entrapment in the facet joint gap after lumbar decompression surgery: a case presentation. BMC musculoskeletal disorders, 22(1), S.736.

      • Scheichel, F., Marhold, F., Pinggera, D., Kiesel, B., Rossmann, T., Popadic, B., Woehrer, A., Weber, M., Kitzwögerer, M., Geissler, K., Dopita, A., Oberndorfer, S., Pfisterer, W., Freyschlag, C.F., Widhalm, G., Ungersboeck, K. & Roessler, K., 2021. Influence of preoperative corticosteroid treatment on rate of diagnostic surgeries in primary central nervous system lymphoma: a multicenter retrospective study. BMC cancer, 21(1), S.754.

      • Stadlbauer, A., Heinz, G., Oberndorfer, S., Zimmermann, M., Kinfe, T.M., Buchfelder, M., Dorfler, A., Kremenevski, N. & Marhold, F., 2021. Physiological MRI of microvascular architecture, neovascularization activity, and oxygen metabolism facilitate early recurrence detection in patients with IDH-mutant WHO grade 3 glioma. Neuroradiology.

      • Stadlbauer, A., Kinfe, T.M., Eyupoglu, I., Zimmermann, M., Kitzwögerer, M., Podar, K., Buchfelder, M., Heinz, G., Oberndorfer, S. & Marhold, F., 2021. Tissue hypoxia and alterations in microvascular architecture predict glioblastoma recurrence in humans. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

      • Stadlbauer, A., Marhold, F., Oberndorfer, S., Heinz, G., Zimmermann, M., Buchfelder, M., Heynold, E. & Kinfe, T.M., 2021. Metabolic Tumor Microenvironment Characterization of Contrast Enhancing Brain Tumors Using Physiologic MRI. Metabolites, 11(10), S.668.

      • Stadlbauer, A., Oberndorfer, S., Heinz, G., Zimmermann, M., Kinfe, T.M., Doerfler, A., Buchfelder, M., Kremenevski, N. & Marhold, F., 2021. Hypoxia and Microvascular Alterations Are Early Predictors of IDH-Mutated Anaplastic Glioma Recurrence. Cancers, 13(8).

      • Tinchon, A., Marhold, F., Calabek-Wohinz, B., Hainz, K., Tesar-Pelz, M., Minear, G., Freydl, E., Blauensteiner, K., Heinz, G. & Oberndorfer, S., 2021. Multimodal assessment of disease activity in glioblastoma : A single center experience. Wiener klinische Wochenschrift.

  2. 2020

    • Zeitschriftenartikel

      • Mair, M.J., Wöhrer, A., Furtner, J., Simonovska, A., Kiesel, B., Oberndorfer, S., Ungersboeck, K., Marosi, C., Sahm, F., Hainfellner, J.A., Rossler, K., Preusser, M., Widhalm, G. & Berghoff, A.S., 2020. Clinical characteristics and prognostic factors of adult patients with pilocytic astrocytoma. Journal of neuro-oncology, 148(1), S.187-198.

      • Roetzer, T., Furtner, J., Gesperger, J., Seebrecht, L., Bandke, D., Brada, M., Brandner-Kokalj, T., Grams, A., Haybaeck, J., Kitzwögerer, M., Leber, S.L., Marhold, F., Moser, P., Sherif, C., Trenkler, J., Unterluggauer, J., Weis, S., Wuertz, F., Hainfellner, J.A., Langs, G., Nenning, K.-H. & Woehrer, A., 2020. Sex-Specific Differences in Primary CNS Lymphoma. Cancers, 12(6).

  3. 2019

    • Zeitschriftenartikel

      • Grassner, L., Marhold, F., Yousif, M., Grillhosl, A., Ungersboeck, K., Schulz, J. & Strowitzki, M., 2019. Experiences with a temporary synthetic skin substitute after decompressive craniectomy: a retrospective two-center analysis. Acta neurochirurgica, 161, S.493-499.

      • Marhold, F., Mercea, P.A., Scheichel, F., Berghoff, A.S., Heicappell, P., Kiesel, B., Mischkulnig, M., Borkovec, M., Wolfsberger, S., Woehrer, A., Preusser, M., Knosp, E., Ungersboeck, K. & Widhalm, G., 2019. Detailed analysis of 5-aminolevulinic acid induced fluorescence in different brain metastases at two specialized neurosurgical centers: experience in 157 cases. Journal of neurosurgery, S.1-12.

      • Scheichel, F., Popadic, B., Kitzwögerer, M., Ungersboeck, K. & Marhold, F., 2019. Fluorescence-guided resection in bone and soft tissue infiltrating meningiomas. Acta neurochirurgica.

  4. 2018

    • Zeitschriftenartikel

      • Klughammer, J., Kiesel, B., Roetzer, T., Fortelny, N., Nemc, A., Nenning, K.-H., Furtner, J., Sheffield, N.C., Datlinger, P., Peter, N., Nowosielski, M., Augustin, M., Mischkulnig, M., Ströbel, T., Alpar, D., Ergüner, B., Senekowitsch, M., Moser, P., Freyschlag, C.F., Kerschbaumer, J., Thomé, C., Grams, A.E., Stockhammer, G., Kitzwögerer, M., Oberndorfer, S., Marhold, F., Weis, S., Trenkler, J., Buchroithner, J., Pichler, J., Haybaeck, J., Krassnig, S., Ali, K.Mahdy, von Campe, G., Payer, F., Sherif, C., Preiser, J., Hauser, T., Winkler, P.A., Kleindienst, W., Würtz, F., Brandner-Kokalj, T., Stultschnig, M., Schweiger, S., Dieckmann, K., Preusser, M., Langs, G., Baumann, B., Knosp, E., Widhalm, G., Marosi, C., Hainfellner, J.A., Woehrer, A. & Bock, C., 2018. The DNA methylation landscape of glioblastoma disease progression shows extensive heterogeneity in time and space. Nature Medicine, 24, S.1611-1624.

      • Roetzer, T., Kitzwögerer, M., Heinz, G., Oberndorfer, S., Marhold, F., Hainfellner, J.A. & Woehrer, A., 2018. Spatiotemporal evolution of a low-grade glioma with divergent oligodendroglial and astrocytic lineages. Clinical Neuropathology, 37, S.82-84.

      • Scheichel, F., Popadic, B., Ungersboeck, K., Marhold, F., Article, J. & States, U., 2018. Contralateral progression after unilateral evacuation of bilateral chronic subdural hematomas: the volume relation ratio as prognostic factor?. Journal of Neurosurgery, S.1-8.

  5. 2017

    • Zeitschriftenartikel

      • Scheichel, F., Ungersboeck, K., Kitzwögerer, M. & Marhold, F., 2017. Fluorescence-guided resection of extracranial soft tissue tumour infiltration in atypical meningioma. Acta Neurochirurgica, 159, S.1027-1031.

  6. 2016

    • Zeitschriftenartikel

      • Wolf, H., Neuhauser, C., Franta, C., Hauer, D., Ungersboeck, K. & Oberndorfer, S., 2016. Komplikationen bei intrathekaler Baclofentherapie. Journal für Neurologie, Neurochirurgie und Psychiatrie, 17, S.13-15.

  7. 2015

    • Zeitschriftenartikel

      • Tinchon, A., Oberndorfer, S., Marosi, C., Gleiss, A., Geroldinger, A., Sax, C., Sherif, C., Moser, W. & Grisold, W., 2015. Haematological toxicity of Valproic acid compared to Levetiracetam in patients with glioblastoma multiforme undergoing concomitant radio-chemotherapy: a retrospective cohort study. Journal of Neurology, 262, S.179-86.

  8. 2014

    • Zeitschriftenartikel

      • Moser, W., Marhold, F., Ungersboeck, K. & Oberndorfer, S., 2014. Subacute spinal cord compression due to an intramedullar spinal teratoma in a 53-year old female patient: a case report. European Association of NeuroOncology Magazine, 4, S.1-3.

      • Moser, W., Thier, K., Hafner, C., Trautinger, F., Ungersboeck, K., Sedivy, R. & Oberndorfer, S., 2014. Primary Intrathecal Melanoma Arising from Meningeal Melanocytosis: A Case Report. Neuro-Oncology, 16, S.ii54.

      • Oberndorfer, S., Ungersboeck, K., Moser, W., Riedlberger, U., Marhold, F., Heinz, G., Sedivy, R., Brustbauer, R., Kopetzky, G., Vyhnalik, M. & Balcke, P., 2014. Interdisziplinäre neuroonkologische Betreuung eines Patienten mit sekundärem Gliobalstom. Tumorboard, 3, S.13-16.

      • Ungersboeck, K., 2014. Eine heterogene Tumorerkrankung. Journal für Neurologie, Neurochirurgie und Psychiatrie, 15, S.127.

      • Woehrer, A., Hackl, M., Waldhor, T., Weis, S., Pichler, J., Olschowski, A., Buchroithner, J., Maier, H., Stockhammer, G., Thome, C., Haybaeck, J., Payer, F., von Campe, G., Kiefer, A., Wurtz, F., Vince, G.H., Sedivy, R., Oberndorfer, S., Marhold, F., Bordihn, K., Stiglbauer, W., Gruber-Mosenbacher, U., Bauer, R., Feichtinger, J., Reiner-Concin, A., Grisold, W., Marosi, C., Preusser, M., Dieckmann, K., Slavc, I., Gatterbauer, B., Widhalm, G., Haberler, C. & Hainfellner, J.A., 2014. Relative survival of patients with non-malignant central nervous system tumours: a descriptive study by the Austrian Brain Tumour Registry. British Journal of Cancer, 110, S.286-96.


  1. 03 Dez

    International Water Asociation HRWM - Webinar Mini-Symposium

    03. Dezember 2021, 15:00 - 16:00
    Zoom Meeting, online
  2. 15 Dez

    KL Lunchtime Seminar: Towards Natural Killer Cell-Based Immune Therapy in Leukemia

    15. Dezember 2021, 12:00 - 13:00
    Karl Landsteiner University, 3500 Krems/Donau, Wing Y, KL Auditorium
  3. 19 Jan

    KL Lunchtime Seminar: Extramedullary hematopoiesis as part of the innate immune defence against infections

    19. Januar 2022, 12:00 - 13:00
    Karl Landsteiner University, 3500 Krems/Donau, Wing Y, KL Auditorium