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Das wissenschaftliche Personal der Karl Landsteiner Privatuniverstät für Gesundheitswissenschaften sowie der Universitätskliniken Krems, St. Pölten und Tulln publiziert laufend in international anerkannten Fachzeitschriften.

  1. 2019

    • Zeitschriftenartikel

      • Aina, R., Dubiela P., Geiselhart S., Bublin M., Bruschi M., Radauer C., et al.
        (2019).  Distinct Lipid Transfer Proteins display different IgE-binding activities that are affected by fatty acid binding.
        Allergy. 74, 827-831.

      • Amini, M., Reisinger A., & Pahr D.
        (2019).  Influence of processing parameters on mechanical properties of a 3D-printed trabecular bone microstructure.
        J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater.

      • Basic, J., Stojkovic S., Assadian A., Rauscher S., Duschek N., Kaun C., et al.
        (2019).  The Relevance of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1 Alpha, and Clusterin in Carotid Plaque Instability.
        J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 28, 1540-1545.

      • Berger, R., Hulsmann M., Mortl D., & Polzl G.
        (2019).  Curriculum heart failure : Task force curriculum heart failure of the working group on heart failure of the Austrian Cardiological Society.
        Wien Klin Wochenschr.

      • Blumer, R., Boesmueller S., Gesslbauer B., Hirtler L., Bormann D., Streicher J., et al.
        (2019).  How to visualize the innervation pattern in tendons: A methodical guide.
        Annals of Anatomy. 225, 21-27.

      • Bublin, M., Kostadinova M., Radauer C., Varga E. M., Hafner C., Schmidthaler K., et al.
        (2019).  Engineering of structural variants of the major peanut allergens Ara h 2 and Ara h 6 for allergen-specific immunotherapy.
        J Allergy Clin Immunol. 143, 1226-1229 e10.

      • Buki, B., Junger H., Zhang Y., & Lundberg Y. W.
        (2019).  The Price of Immune Responses and the Role of Vitamin D in the Inner Ear.
        Otol Neurotol. 40, 701-709.

      • Chen, F., Welker F., Shen C. C., Bailey S. E., Bergmann I., Davis S., et al.
        (2019).  A late Middle Pleistocene Denisovan mandible from the Tibetan Plateau.
        Nature. 569, 409-412.

      • Damulina, A., Pirpamer L., Seiler S., Benke T., Dal-Bianco P., Ransmayr G., et al.
        (2019).  White Matter Hyperintensities in Alzheimer's Disease: A Lesion Probability Mapping Study.
        J Alzheimers Dis. 68, 789-796.

      • Duschek, N., & Trautinger F.
        (2019).  [Chronic leg ulcers in older patients].
        Z Gerontol Geriatr.

      • Egle, A., Melchardt T., Obrtlikova P., Smolej L., Kozak T., Steurer M., et al.
        (2019).  Rituximab maintenance overcomes the negative prognostic factor of obesity in CLL: Subgroup analysis of the international randomized AGMT CLL-8a mabtenance trial.
        Cancer Med. 8, 1401-1405.

      • Fehrmann, E., Kotulla S., Fischer L., Kienbacher T., Tuechler K., Mair P., et al.
        (2019).  The impact of age and gender on the ICF-based assessment of chronic low back pain.
        Disabil Rehabil. 41, 1190-1199.

      • Flamm, S., Reddy K. R., Zadeikis N., Hassanein T., Bacon B. R., Maieron A., et al.
        (2019).  Efficacy and Pharmacokinetics of Glecaprevir and Pibrentasvir With Concurrent Use of Acid-Reducing Agents in Patients With Chronic HCV Infection.
        Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 17, 527-535 e6.

      • Grassner, L., Marhold F., Yousif M., Grillhosl A., Ungersboeck K., Schulz J., et al.
        (2019).  Correction to: Experiences with a temporary synthetic skin substitute after decompressive craniectomy: a retrospective two-center analysis.
        Acta Neurochirurgica. 161, 501.

      • Grassner, L., Marhold F., Yousif M., Grillhosl A., Ungersboeck K., Schulz J., et al.
        (2019).  Experiences with a temporary synthetic skin substitute after decompressive craniectomy: a retrospective two-center analysis.
        Acta Neurochirurgica (Wien). 161, 493-499.

      • Grubmüller, B., Senn D., Kramer G., Baltzer P., D’Andrea D., Grubmuller K H., et al.
        (2019).  Response assessment using 68Ga-PSMA ligand PET in patients undergoing 177Lu-PSMA radioligand therapy for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.
        European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. 46, 1063-1072.

      • Hackner, K., Errhalt P., & Handzhiev S.
        (2019).  Ratio of carcinoembryonic antigen in pleural fluid and serum for the diagnosis of malignant pleural effusion.
        Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology. 11, 1-8.

      • Iori, G., Schneider J., Reisinger A., Heyer F., Peralta L., Wyers C., et al.
        (2019).  Large cortical bone pores in the tibia are associated with proximal femur strength.
        PLoS One. 14, e0215405.

      • Jordan, J., Fanciulli A., Tank J., Calandra-Buonaura G., Cheshire W. P., Cortelli P., et al.
        (2019).  Management of supine hypertension in patients with neurogenic orthostatic hypotension: scientific statement of the American Autonomic Society, European Federation of Autonomic Societies, and the European Society of Hypertension.
        Journal of Hypertension.

      • Kalic, T., Ellinger I., Kamath S. D., Palladino C., Mayr V., Tscheppe A., et al.
        (2019).  Fish-derived low molecular weight components modify bronchial epithelial barrier properties and release of pro-inflammatory cytokines.
        Mol Immunol. 112, 140-150.

      • Kalic, T., Morel-Codreanu F., Radauer C., Ruethers T., Taki A. C., Swoboda I., et al.
        (2019).  Patients Allergic to Fish Tolerate Ray Based on the Low Allergenicity of Its Parvalbumin.
        J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract. 7, 500-508 e11.

      • Kink, E., Erler L., Fritz W., Funk G-C., Gabler M., Krenn F., et al.
        (2019).  Beatmung bei COPD: von der Präklinik bis zur außerklinischen Beatmung. Eine Übersicht des Arbeitskreises für Beatmung und Intensivmedizin derösterreichischen Gesellschaft für Pneumologie.
        Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift. 131, 417–427.

      • Kolm, C., Martzy R., Fuhrer M., Mach R. L., Krska R., Baumgartner S., et al.
        (2019).  Detection of a microbial source tracking marker by isothermal helicase-dependent amplification and a nucleic acid lateral-flow strip test.
        Sci Rep. 9, 393.

      • Kroiss, A. S., Uprimny C., Shulkin B. L., Gruber L., Frech A., Jazbec T., et al.
        (2019).  (68)Ga-DOTATOC PET/CT in the localization of metastatic extra-adrenal paraganglioma and pheochromocytoma compared with (18)F-DOPA PET/CT.
        Rev Esp Med Nucl Imagen Mol. 38, 94-99.

      • Kroiss, A. S., Uprimny C., Shulkin B. L., Gruber L., Frech A., Url C., et al.
        (2019).  (68)Ga-DOTATOC PET/CT in the localization of head and neck paraganglioma compared with (18)F-DOPA PET/CT and (123)I-MIBG SPECT/CT.
        Nucl Med Biol. 71, 47-53.

      • Kussmann, M., Ferth A., Obermuller M., Pichler P., Zeitlinger M., Wiesholzer M., et al.
        (2019).  Compatibility of ciprofloxacin with commercial peritoneal dialysis solutions.
        Sci Rep. 9, 6512.

      • Li, S., Vallet S., Sacco A., Roccaro A., Lentzsch S., & Podar K.
        (2019).  Targeting transcription factors in multiple myeloma: evolving therapeutic strategies.
        Expert Opin Investig Drugs. 28, 445-462.

      • Martzy, R., Kolm C., Krska R., Mach R. L., Farnleitner A. H., & Reischer G. H.
        (2019).  Challenges and perspectives in the application of isothermal DNA amplification methods for food and water analysis.
        Anal Bioanal Chem. 411, 1695-1702.

      • Maurer, B., Nivarthi H., Wingelhofer B., Pham H. T. T., Schlederer M., Suske T., et al.
        (2019).  High activation of STAT5A drives peripheral T-cell lymphoma and leukemia.

      • Nagel, F., Santer D., Stojkovic S., Kaun C., Schaefer A. K., Krssak M., et al.
        (2019).  The impact of age on cardiac function and extracellular matrix component expression in adverse post-infarction remodeling in mice.
        Exp Gerontol. 119, 193-202.

      • Neuhauser, M., Roetzer T., Oberndorfer S., Kitzwoegerer M., Payer F., Unterluggauer J. J., et al.
        (2019).  Increasing use of immunotherapy and prolonged survival among younger patients with primary CNS lymphoma: a population-based study.
        Acta Oncol. 1-10.

      • Odeneg, T., Ebner C., Mortl D., Keller H., Dirninger A., Stix G., et al.
        (2019).  Indications for and outcome in patients with the wearable cardioverter-defibrillator in a nurse-based training programme: results of the Austrian WCD Registry.
        Eur J Cardiovasc Nurs. 18, 75-83.

      • Polak, D., Hafner C., Briza P., Kitzmuller C., Elbe-Burger A., Samadi N., et al.
        (2019).  A novel role for neutrophils in IgE-mediated allergy: Evidence for antigen presentation in late-phase reactions.
        J Allergy Clin Immunol. 143, 1143-1152 e4.

      • Roider-Schur, S., Rumpold T., Kirchheiner K., Masel E. K., Nemecek R., Amering M., et al.
        (2019).  Migrate your mind: the role of palliative care in transcultural cancer treatment : A qualitative analysis.
        Wien Klin Wochenschr. 131, 191-199.

      • Saidova, A., Bublin M., Schmidthaler K., Fajgelj V., Klinglmueller F., Spittler A., et al.
        (2019).  Evidence for a Role of TGF-beta-Activated Kinase 1 and MAP3K7 Binding Protein 3 in Peanut-Specific T-Cell Responses.
        Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 179, 10-16.

      • Savio, D., Stadler P., Reischer G. H., Demeter K., Linke R. B., Blaschke A. P., et al.
        (2019).  Spring Water of an Alpine Karst Aquifer Is Dominated by a Taxonomically Stable but Discharge-Responsive Bacterial Community.
        Front Microbiol. 10, 28.

      • Stadlbauer, A., Oberndorfer S., Zimmermann M., Renner B., Buchfelder M., Heinz G., et al.
        (2019).  Physiologic MR imaging of the tumor microenvironment revealed switching of metabolic phenotype upon recurrence of glioblastoma in humans.
        Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism. 0271678X19827885.

      • Stadler, P., Bloschl G., Nemeth L., Oismuller M., Kumpan M., Krampe J., et al.
        (2019).  Event-transport of beta-d-glucuronidase in an agricultural headwater stream: Assessment of seasonal patterns by on-line enzymatic activity measurements and environmental isotopes.
        The Science of the total environment. 662, 236-245.

      • Stadler, P., Loken L. C., Crawford J. T., Schramm P. J., Sorsa K., Kuhn C., et al.
        (2019).  Spatial patterns of enzymatic activity in large water bodies: Ship-borne measurements of beta-D-glucuronidase activity as a rapid indicator of microbial water quality.
        Science of the Total Environment. 651, 1742-1752.

      • Stieger, S., & Reips U.-D.
        (2019).  Well-being, smartphone sensors, and data from open-access databases: A mobile experience sampling study.
        Field Methods. 31,

      • Topakian, R., Zimprich F., Iglseder S., Embacher N., Guger M., Stieglbauer K., et al.
        (2019).  High efficacy of rituximab for myasthenia gravis: a comprehensive nationwide study in Austria.
        Journal of Neurology. 266, 699-706.

      • Vallet, S., Fan F., Malvestiti S., Pecherstorfer M., Sattler M., Schneeweiss A., et al.
        (2019).  Rationally derived drug combinations with the novel Mcl-1 inhibitor EU-5346 in breast cancer.
        Breast Cancer Res Treat. 173, 585-596.

      • van Driezum, I. H., Derx J., Oudega T. J., Zessner M., Naus F. L., Saracevic E., et al.
        (2019).  Spatiotemporal resolved sampling for the interpretation of micropollutant removal during riverbank filtration.
        Science of the Total Environment. 649, 212-223.

      • Wagner, G., Steiner S., Gartlehner G., Arfsten H., Wildner B., Mayr H., et al.
        (2019).  Comparison of transcatheter aortic valve implantation with other approaches to treat aortic valve stenosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
        Syst Rev. 8, 44.

      • Wu, L., Ning D., Zhang B., Li Y., Zhang P., Shan X., et al.
        (2019).  Global diversity and biogeography of bacterial communities in wastewater treatment plants.
        Nat Microbiol. 4, 1183-1195.

      • Youngblut, N. D., Reischer G. H., Walters W., Schuster N., Walzer C., Stalder G., et al.
        (2019).  Host diet and evolutionary history explain different aspects of gut microbiome diversity among vertebrate clades.
        Nat Commun. 10, 2200.

    • Konferenzbeitrag

      • Estermann, S-J., Müller-Guttenbrunn C., Pahr D., & Reisinger A.
        (2019).  Comparison of tactile properties of liver tissue and potential 3D printing materials via macroindentation.
        11. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Biomechanik (DGfB). 199.

      • Klüß, D., Soodmand E., Lorenz A., Pahr D., Schwarze M., Cichon R., et al.
        (2019).  Ein Finite-Elemente-Ringversuch zur Biomechanik des humanen Femur zwischen sieben teilnehmenden Laboren mit experimenteller Validierung.
        11. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Biomechanik (DGfB) . 118.

      • Lorenz, A., Freidhager C., Leichtle U. G., & Pahr D.
        (2019).  Krümmungsbasierte Detektion anatomischer Landmarken und Achsen am menschlichen Kniegelenk.
        11. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Biomechanik (DGfB). 91.

      • Pahr, D., Synek A., Stipsitz M., & Steiner L.
        (2019).  Micro FE in bone biomechanics – Recent advances.
        11. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Biomechanik (DGfB). 117.

    • andere wissenschaftliche Beiträge

      • Kemetmüller, E.
        (2019).  Hermeneutik – die Kunst des Verstehens: Lernen, dass auch der andere recht haben kann.
        ProCare. 03, 4-5.

  2. 2018

    • Zeitschriftenartikel

      • Beinhardt, S., Al-Zoairy R., Kozbial K., Stattermayer A. F., Maieron A., Stauber R., et al.
        (2018).  Long-term follow-up of ribavirin-free DAA-based treatment in HCV recurrence after orthotopic liver transplantation.
        Liver International. 38, 1188-1197.

      • Bieńkowski, M., Wöhrer A., Moser P., Kitzwoegerer M., Ricken G., Ströbel T., et al.
        (2018).  Molecular diagnostic testing of diffuse gliomas in the real-life setting: A practical approach.
        Clinical neuropathology. 37, 166-177.

      • Bliem, R., Reischer G., Linke R., Farnleitner A. H., & Kirschner A. K. T.
        (2018).  Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Vibrio cholerae in Turbid Alkaline Lakes as Determined by Quantitative PCR.
        Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 84,

      • Borgmann, S., Pfeifer Y., Becker L., Riess B., Siegmund R., & Sagel U.
        (2018).  Findings from an outbreak of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae emphasize the role of antibiotic treatment for cross transmission.
        Infection. 46, 103-112.

      • Brainin, M., Feigin V., Martins S., Matz K., Roy J., Sandercock P., et al.
        (2018).  Cut stroke in half: Polypill for primary prevention in stroke.
        International Journal of Stroke. 13, 633-647.

      • Breitkreutz, I., Podar K., Figueroa-Vazquez V., Wilhelm S., Hayden P. J., Anderson K. C., et al.
        (2018).  The orally available multikinase inhibitor regorafenib (BAY 73-4506) in multiple myeloma.
        Annals of Hematology. 97, 839-849.

      • Bryant, G. A., Fessler D. M. T., Fusaroli R., Clint E., Amir D., Chavez B., et al.
        (2018).  The perception of spontaneous and volitional laughter across 21 societies.
        Psychological Science. 25, 1515-1525.

      • Buchroithner, J., Erhart F., Pichler J., Widhalm G., Preusser M., Stockhammer G., et al.
        (2018).  Audencel Immunotherapy Based on Dendritic Cells Has No Effect on Overall and Progression-Free Survival in Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma: A Phase II Randomized Trial.
        Cancers. 10,

      • Buder, A., Hochmair M. J., Schwab S., Bundalo T., Schenk P., Errhalt P., et al.
        (2018).  Cell-Free Plasma DNA-Guided Treatment With Osimertinib in Patients With Advanced EGFR-Mutated NSCLC.
        Journal of Thoracic Oncology. 13, 821-830.

      • Buki, B., & Junger H.
        (2018).  Intratympanal gentamicin in Meniere's disease: Effects on individual semicircular canals.
        Auris Nasus Larynx. 45, 39-44.

      • Buki, B., Junger H., & Lundberg Y. W.
        (2018).  Vitamin D supplementation may improve symptoms in Meniere's disease.
        Medical Hypotheses. 116, 44-46.

      • Christensen, M., & Trapl M.
        (2018).  Development of a modified swallowing screening tool to manage post-extubation dysphagia.
        Nursing in Critical Care. 23, 102-107.

      • D'Andrea, D., Hassler M. R., Abufaraj M., Soria F., Ertl I. E., Ilijazi D., et al.
        (2018).  Progressive tissue biomarker profiling in non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer.
        Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy. 18, 695-703.

      • Distelmaier, K., Wiedemann D., Binder C., Haberl T., Zimpfer D., Heinz G., et al.
        (2018).  Duration of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support and survival in cardiovascular surgery patients.
        Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 155, 2471-2476.

      • Djinovic, Z., Pavelka R., Tomic M., Sprinzl G. Mathias, Plenk H., Losert U., et al.
        (2018).  In-vitro and in-vivo measurement of the animal's middle ear acoustical response by partially implantable fiber-optic sensing system.
        Biosensors & Bioelectronics. 103, 176-181.

      • Doering, S., Bluml V., Parth K., Feichtinger K., Gruber M., Aigner M., et al.
        (2018).  Personality functioning in anxiety disorders.
        BMC Psychiatry. 18, 294.

      • Dubiela, P., Kabasser S., Smargiasso N., Geiselhart S., Bublin M., Hafner C., et al.
        (2018).  Jug r 6 is the allergenic vicilin present in walnut responsible for IgE cross-reactivities to other tree nuts and seeds.
        Scientific Reports. 8, 11366.

      • Fanciulli, A., Jordan J., Biaggioni I., Calandra-Buonaura G., Cheshire W. P., Cortelli P., et al.
        (2018).  Consensus statement on the definition of neurogenic supine hypertension in cardiovascular autonomic failure by the American Autonomic Society (AAS) and the European Federation of Autonomic Societies (EFAS).
        Clinical Autonomic Research. 28, 355-362.

      • Fehrmann, E., Kotulla S., Fischer L., Kienbacher T., Tuechler K., Mair P., et al.
        (2018).  The impact of age and gender on the ICF-based assessment of chronic low back pain.
        Disability and Rehabilitation. 1-10.

      • Frick, C., Vierheilig J., Linke R., Savio D., Zornig H., Antensteiner R., et al.
        (2018).  Poikilothermic Animals as a Previously Unrecognized Source of Fecal Indicator Bacteria in a Backwater Ecosystem of a Large River.
        Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 84,

      • Fritze, R., Graser A., & Sinnl M.
        (2018).  Combining spatial information and optimization for locating emergency medical service stations: A case study for Lower Austria.
        International Journal of Medical Informatics. 111, 24-36.

      • Ganzger, G., & Vock L.
        (2018).  Zum Vorhalten von Sprachdienstleistungen für fremdsprachige Patienten.
        Journal für Medizin- und Gesundheitsrecht. 132, 132-138.

      • Georgiou, L., Kivell T. L., Pahr D., & Skinner M. M.
        (2018).  Trabecular bone patterning in the hominoid distal femur.
        PeerJ. 6, e5156.

      • Giampieri-Deutsch, P.
        (2018).  Discussion: deux cas de recherche 'de l'intérieur' de la psychanalyse.
        Bulletin de la Fédération Européenne de Psychanalyse (FEP). 72, 235-243.

      • Giampieri-Deutsch, P.
        (2018).  Discussion: Two examples of research ‘within’ psychoanalysis. .
        Psychoanalysis in Europe. Bulletin of the European Psychoanalytical Federation (EPF) . 72, 215-222.

      • Giampieri-Deutsch, P.
        (2018).  Diskussion der Beiträge von Abram und Bonard.
        Psychoanalyse in Europa. Bulletin der Europäischen Psychoanalytische Föderation (EPF) . 72, 257-263.

      • Götz, F. M., Stieger S., & Reips U-D.
        (2018).  The Emergence and Volatility of Homesickness in Exchange Students Abroad: A Smartphone-Based Longitudinal Study.
        Environment and Behavior. 0013916518754610.

      • Grubmuller, B., Baltzer P., D'Andrea D., Korn S., Haug A. R., Hacker M., et al.
        (2018).  (68)Ga-PSMA 11 ligand PET imaging in patients with biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy - diagnostic performance and impact on therapeutic decision-making.
        European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. 45, 235-242.

      • Halat, G., Negrin L. L., Unger E., Koch T., Streicher J., Erhart J., et al.
        (2018).  Introduction of a new repair technique in bony avulsion of the FDP tendon: A biomechanical study.
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      • Hart, R. G., Sharma M., Mundl H., Kasner S. E., Bangdiwala S. I., Berkowitz S. D., et al.
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      • Hatvani, I. G., Kirschner A. K. T., Farnleitner A. H., Tanos P., & Herzig A.
        (2018).  Hotspots and main drivers of fecal pollution in Neusiedler See, a large shallow lake in Central Europe.
        Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 25, 28884-28898.

      • Hayes, J., Yu Y., Jalbert L. E., Mazor T., Jones L. E., Wood M. D., et al.
        (2018).  Genomic analysis of the origins and evolution of multicentric diffuse lower-grade gliomas.
        Neuro-Oncology. 20, 632-641.

      • Herzer, G., Mirth C., Illievich U. M., Voelckel W. G., & Trimmel H.
        (2018).  Analgosedation of adult patients with elevated intracranial pressure : Survey of current clinical practice in Austria.
        Wiener klinische Wochenschrift. 130, 45-53.

      • Hillen, U., Leiter U., Haase S., Kaufmann R., Becker J., Gutzmer R., et al.
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        European Journal of Cancer. 96, 34-43.

      • Hintermair, S., Zwickl-Traxler E., Pecherstorfer M., & Singer J.
        (2018).  Evaluation of vascular events in patients with myeloproliferative syndromes and mutations of either the januskinase-2 or calreticulin gene at the university hospital Krems from 2008 to 2015.
        Oncotarget. 9, 8450-8462.

      • Janik, S., Raunegger T., Hacker P., Ghanim B., Einwallner E., Mullauer L., et al.
        (2018).  Prognostic and diagnostic impact of fibrinogen, neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio, and platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio on thymic epithelial tumors outcome.
        Oncotarget. 9, 21861-21875.

      • Kasner, S. E., Swaminathan B., Lavados P., Sharma M., Muir K., Veltkamp R., et al.
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        Lancet Neurology. 17, 1053-1060.

      • Kirschner, A. K. T., Pleininger S., Jakwerth S., Rehak S., Farnleitner A. H., Huhulescu S., et al.
        (2018).  Application of three different methods to determine the prevalence, the abundance and the environmental drivers of culturable Vibrio cholerae in fresh and brackish bathing waters.
        Journal of Applied Microbiology. 125, 1186-1198.

      • Klughammer, J., Kiesel B., Roetzer T., Fortelny N., Nemc A., Nenning K-H., et al.
        (2018).  The DNA methylation landscape of glioblastoma disease progression shows extensive heterogeneity in time and space.
        Nature Medicine. 24, 1611-1624.

      • Kozbial, K., Moser S., Al-Zoairy R., Schwarzer R., Datz C., Stauber R., et al.
        (2018).  Follow-up of sustained virological responders with hepatitis C and advanced liver disease after interferon/ribavirin-free treatment.
        Liver International. 38, 1028-1035.

      • Krammel, M., Schnaubelt S., Weidenauer D., Winnisch M., Steininger M., Eichelter J., et al.
        (2018).  Gender and age-specific aspects of awareness and knowledge in basic life support.
        PLoS One. 13, e0198918.

      • Kreye, G., Masel E. K., Hackner K., Stich B., & Nauck F.
        (2018).  Methadone as anticancer treatment: hype, hope, or hazard? : A series of case reports and a short review of the current literature and recommendations of the societies.
        Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift. 168, 159-167.

      • Kulnig, J., Fureder L., Harrison N., Frass M., & Robak O.
        (2018).  Performance and skill retention of five supraglottic airway devices for the pediatric difficult airway in a manikin.
        European Journal of Pediatrics. 177, 871-878.

      • Kussmann, M., Hauer S., Pichler P., Reznicek G., Burgmann H., Poeppl W., et al.
        (2018).  Influence of different peritoneal dialysis fluids on the in vitro activity of fosfomycin against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
        European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases. 37, 1091-1098.

      • Loscher, W. N., Oberreiter E-M., Erdler M., Quasthoff S., Culea V., Berek K., et al.
        (2018).  Multifocal motor neuropathy in Austria: a nationwide survey of clinical features and response to treatment.
        Journal of Neurology. 265, 2834-2840.

      • Lu, S. C., Vereecke E. E., Synek A., Pahr D., & Kivell T. L.
        (2018).  A novel experimental design for the measurement of metacarpal bone loading and deformation and fingertip force.
        PeerJ. 6, e5480.

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