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  1. 2020

    • Journal Article

      • Ghanim, B., Rosenmayr, A., Stockhammer, P., Vogl, M., Celik, A., Bas, A., Kurul, I.Cuneyt, Akyurek, N., Varga, A., Plönes, T., Bankfalvi, A., Hager, T., Schuler, M., Hackner, K., Errhalt, P., Scheed, A., Seebacher, G., Hegedus, B., Stubenberger, E. & Aigner, C., 2020. Tumour cell PD-L1 expression is prognostic in patients with malignant pleural effusion: the impact of C-reactive protein and immune-checkpoint inhibition. Scientific Reports, 10(1), S.5784.

      • Maurer, B., Nivarthi, H., Wingelhofer, B., Pham, H.Thi Thanh, Schlederer, M., Suske, T., Grausenburger, R., Schiefer, A.-I., Prchal-Murphy, M., Chen, D., Winkler, S., Merkel, O., Kornauth, C., Hofbauer, M., Hochgatterer, B., Hoermann, G., Hoelbl-Kovacic, A., Prochazkova, J., Lobello, C., Cumaraswamy, A.A., Latzka, J., Kitzwögerer, M., Chott, A., Janikova, A., Pospisilova, S., Loizou, J.I., Kubicek, S., Valent, P., Kolbe, T., Grebien, F., Kenner, L., Gunning, P.T., Kralovics, R., Herling, M., Muller, M., Rulicke, T., Sexl, V. & Moriggl, R., 2020. High activation of STAT5A drives peripheral T-cell lymphoma and leukemia. Haematologica, 105(2), S.435-447.

  2. 2019

    • Journal Article

      • Neuhauser, M., Roetzer, T., Oberndorfer, S., Kitzwögerer, M., Payer, F., Unterluggauer, J.J., Haybaeck, J., Stockhammer, G., Iglseder, S., Moser, P., Thomé, C., Stultschnig, M., Wuertz, F., Brandner-Kokalj, T., Weis, S., Bandke, D., Pichler, J., Hutterer, M., Krenosz, K.J., Boehm, A., Mayrbaeurl, B., Hager-Seifert, A., Kaufmann, H., Dumser, M., Reiner-Concin, A., Hoenigschnabl, S., Kleindienst, W., Hoffermann, M., Dieckmann, K., Kiesel, B., Widhalm, G., Marosi, C., Jaeger, U., Hainfellner, A., Hackl, M., Hainfellner, J.A., Preusser, M. & Woehrer, A., 2019. Increasing use of immunotherapy and prolonged survival among younger patients with primary CNS lymphoma: a population-based study. Acta oncologica, 58, S.967-976.

      • Scheichel, F., Popadic, B., Kitzwögerer, M., Ungersboeck, K. & Marhold, F., 2019. Fluorescence-guided resection in bone and soft tissue infiltrating meningiomas. Acta neurochirurgica.

      • Seeböck, R., Sarne, V. & Haybaeck, J., 2019. Current Coverage of the mTOR Pathway by Next-Generation Sequencing Oncology Panels. International journal of molecular sciences, 20.

  3. 2018

    • Journal Article

      • Bieńkowski, M., Wöhrer, A., Moser, P., Kitzwögerer, M., Ricken, G., Ströbel, T. & Hainfellner, J.A., 2018. Molecular diagnostic testing of diffuse gliomas in the real-life setting: A practical approach. Clinical neuropathology, 37, S.166-177.

      • Klughammer, J., Kiesel, B., Roetzer, T., Fortelny, N., Nemc, A., Nenning, K.-H., Furtner, J., Sheffield, N.C., Datlinger, P., Peter, N., Nowosielski, M., Augustin, M., Mischkulnig, M., Ströbel, T., Alpar, D., Ergüner, B., Senekowitsch, M., Moser, P., Freyschlag, C.F., Kerschbaumer, J., Thomé, C., Grams, A.E., Stockhammer, G., Kitzwögerer, M., Oberndorfer, S., Marhold, F., Weis, S., Trenkler, J., Buchroithner, J., Pichler, J., Haybaeck, J., Krassnig, S., Ali, K.Mahdy, von Campe, G., Payer, F., Sherif, C., Preiser, J., Hauser, T., Winkler, P.A., Kleindienst, W., Würtz, F., Brandner-Kokalj, T., Stultschnig, M., Schweiger, S., Dieckmann, K., Preusser, M., Langs, G., Baumann, B., Knosp, E., Widhalm, G., Marosi, C., Hainfellner, J.A., Woehrer, A. & Bock, C., 2018. The DNA methylation landscape of glioblastoma disease progression shows extensive heterogeneity in time and space. Nature Medicine, 24, S.1611-1624.

      • Roetzer, T., Kitzwögerer, M., Heinz, G., Oberndorfer, S., Marhold, F., Hainfellner, J.A. & Woehrer, A., 2018. Spatiotemporal evolution of a low-grade glioma with divergent oligodendroglial and astrocytic lineages. Clinical Neuropathology, 37, S.82-84.

      • Stadlbauer, A., Zimmermann, M., Doerfler, A., Oberndorfer, S., Buchfelder, M., Coras, R., Kitzwögerer, M. & Roessler, K., 2018. Intratumoral heterogeneity of oxygen metabolism and neovascularization uncovers 2 survival-relevant subgroups of IDH1 wild-type glioblastoma. Neuro-oncology, 20(11), S.1536-1546.

      • Stadlbauer, A., Zimmermann, M., Doerfler, A., Oberndorfer, S., Buchfelder, M., Coras, R., Kitzwögerer, M. & Roessler, K., 2018. Intratumoral heterogeneity of oxygen metabolism and neovascularization uncovers 2 survival-relevant subgroups of IDH1 wild-type glioblastoma. Neuro-Oncology, 20, S.1536-1546.

  4. 2017

    • Journal Article

      • Jacobi, N., Seeböck, R., Hofmann, E., Schweiger, H., Smolinska, V., Mohr, T., Boyer, A., Sommergruber, W., Lechner, P., Pichler-Huebschmann, C., Onder, K., Hundsberger, H., Wiesner, C. & Eger, A., 2017. Organotypic three-dimensional cancer cell cultures mirror drug responses in vivo: lessons learned from the inhibition of EGFR signaling. Oncotarget, 8(64), S.107423-107440.

      • Prillinger, K.Erich, Trautinger, F., Kitzwögerer, M. & Eder, J., 2017. Two faces of gamma-delta mycosis fungoides: before and after renal transplantation. BMJ Case Reports, 2017, S.22.

      • Scheichel, F., Ungersboeck, K., Kitzwögerer, M. & Marhold, F., 2017. Fluorescence-guided resection of extracranial soft tissue tumour infiltration in atypical meningioma. Acta Neurochirurgica, 159, S.1027-1031.

      • Stadlbauer, A., Zimmermann, M., Kitzwögerer, M., Oberndorfer, S., Rossler, K., Dorfler, A., Buchfelder, M. & Heinz, G., 2017. MR Imaging-derived Oxygen Metabolism and Neovascularization Characterization for Grading and IDH Gene Mutation Detection of Gliomas. Radiology, 283, S.799-809.

  5. 2016

    • Journal Article

      • Bonyadi Rad, E., Hammerlindl, H., Wels, C., Popper, U., Ravindran Menon, D., Breiteneder, H., Kitzwögerer, M., Hafner, C., Herlyn, M., Bergler, H. & Schaider, H., 2016. Notch4 Signaling Induces a Mesenchymal-Epithelial-like Transition in Melanoma Cells to Suppress Malignant Behaviors. Cancer Research, 76, S.1690-7.

      • Eder, J., Rogojanu, R., Jerney, W., Erhart, F., Dohnal, A., Kitzwögerer, M., Steiner, G., Moser, J. & Trautinger, F., 2016. Mast Cells Are Abundant in Primary Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphomas: Results from a Computer-Aided Quantitative Immunohistological Study. PLoS One, 11, S.e0163661.

      • Fioravanti, V., Brandhoff, L., van den Driesche, S., Breiteneder, H., Kitzwögerer, M., Hafner, C. & Vellekoop, M.J., 2016. An Infrared Absorbance Sensor for the Detection of Melanoma in Skin Biopsies. Sensors, 16.

      • Kettenbach, J., Mittendorfer, M., Wimmer, I., Mader, M., Taubenschuss, E., Unfried, E. & Heinz, G., 2016. Transgastric biopsy of a submucosal gastric tumour. BJR Case Reports, 2, S.20160009.

      • Moser, J., Moshammer, R., Koglbauer, G., Kitzwögerer, M., Bachner, M. & Trautinger, F., 2016. Sentinel node biopsy in melanoma: a single-centre experience with 216 consecutive patients. British Journal of Dermatology, 174, S.889-91.

      • Moser, M., Wiedemann, D., Kitzwögerer, M. & Frank, H., 2016. Adenocarcinoma of the ampulla of Vater metastasising into the right ventricle. BMJ Case Reports, 2016.

      • Wolf-Magele, A., Schnabl, J., Url, C., Sedivy, R. & Sprinzl, G.M., 2016. Acute dyspnea caused by a giant spindle cell lipoma of the larynx. Wiener klinische Wochenschrift, 128, S.146-9.

  6. 2015

    • Journal Article

      • Eder, J., Kern, A., Moser, J., Kitzwögerer, M., Sedivy, R. & Trautinger, F., 2015. Frequency of primary cutaneous lymphoma variants in Austria: retrospective data from a dermatology referral centre between 2006 and 2013. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, 29, S.1517-23.

      • Sedivy, R., 2015. Die Krankheit Kaiser Friedrichs III. und Virchows Rolle. Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift, 165(7-8), S.140-51.

      • Sedivy, R., 2015. Editorial. Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift, 165(7-8), S.125.

  7. 2014

    • Journal Article

      • Hauer, A.C., Haiden, N., Hoffmann, K.M., Pietschnig, B., Repa, A., Pollak, A., Rock, I., Scholl-Bürgi, S., Karall, D., Sperl, W., Weghuber, D. & Zwiauer, K., 2014. Verwendung von Kuhmilch im Säuglingsalter. Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, 162, S.153-155.

      • Moser, W., Thier, K., Hafner, C., Trautinger, F., Ungersboeck, K., Sedivy, R. & Oberndorfer, S., 2014. Primary Intrathecal Melanoma Arising from Meningeal Melanocytosis: A Case Report. Neuro-Oncology, 16, S.ii54.

      • Moshammer, M.I., Kalipciyan, M., Bartsch, R., Steger, G.G., Sedivy, R. & Mader, R.M., 2014. Exosomal microRNA transfer varies with specific microRNAs functional in colorectal cancer and cellular differentiation. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 52, S.87-8.

      • Moshammer, M.I., Kalipciyan, M., Offner, F., Sterlacci, W., Steger, G.G., Mader, R.M. & Sedivy, R., 2014. microRNA expression profiles distinguish colorectal cancer patients in two regions of Austria. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 52, S.85-6.

      • Oberndorfer, S., Ungersboeck, K., Moser, W., Riedlberger, U., Marhold, F., Heinz, G., Sedivy, R., Brustbauer, R., Kopetzky, G., Vyhnalik, M. & Balcke, P., 2014. Interdisziplinäre neuroonkologische Betreuung eines Patienten mit sekundärem Gliobalstom. Tumorboard, 3, S.13-16.

      • Woehrer, A., Hackl, M., Waldhor, T., Weis, S., Pichler, J., Olschowski, A., Buchroithner, J., Maier, H., Stockhammer, G., Thome, C., Haybaeck, J., Payer, F., von Campe, G., Kiefer, A., Wurtz, F., Vince, G.H., Sedivy, R., Oberndorfer, S., Marhold, F., Bordihn, K., Stiglbauer, W., Gruber-Mosenbacher, U., Bauer, R., Feichtinger, J., Reiner-Concin, A., Grisold, W., Marosi, C., Preusser, M., Dieckmann, K., Slavc, I., Gatterbauer, B., Widhalm, G., Haberler, C. & Hainfellner, J.A., 2014. Relative survival of patients with non-malignant central nervous system tumours: a descriptive study by the Austrian Brain Tumour Registry. British Journal of Cancer, 110, S.286-96.


  1. 17 Sep

    International Skills Lab Symposium 2020

    17. September 2020, 09:00 - 19. September 2020, 18:00
    Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität für Gesundheitswissenschaften, Skills Lab, Trakt Y
  2. 14 Mar

    Open House - March 2020 - CANCELLED

    14. March 2020, 10:00 - 14:00
    Karl Landsteiner University, Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30,3500 Krems, Trakt Y, Erdgeschoß
  3. 27 Feb

    Neurophysiology symposium: Ion channels in nerve cells and associated diseases

    27. February 2020, 15:30 - 18:30
    Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences, Wing Y, Auditorium