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Due to the interdisciplinary nature and form of the programme structure, students acquire expertise and basic competences in empirical research, describing and explaining human behaviour and experience, taking into consideration the situation in question. They also develop the capacity for joined-up thinking, as well as analytical skills and a solid basis of theoretical knowledge related to psychology.

1st Semester

  • Introduction to Psychology as a Scientific Field
  • Statistics and Methods I
  • Childhood and Adolescence Development Psychology I
  • General Psychology and Differential Psychology I: Cognition and Personality
2nd semester
  • Statistics and Methods II
  • General Psychology II: Emotion, Motivation, and Cognition
  • Social Psychology and Diversity I
  • Developmental Psychology II: Adulthood
3rd semester
  • Qualitative and Literature-based Research Methods
  • Differential Psychology II and Educational Psychology: Intelligence, Creativity, and Learning
  • Health Psychology
  • Social Psychology and Diversity II
4th semester
  • Psychological Diagnostics I
  • Clinical Psychology I: patient participation (including psychopathology)
  • Biological Psychology I
  • Group Dynamics
5th semester
  • Psychological Diagnostics II
  • Clinical Psychology II: patient participation
  • Biological Psychology II
  • Self-Experience (individual or in a group)
6th Semester
  • Psychological and Psychotherapeutical Intervention Methods
  • Occupational, Organizational and Economic Psychology
  • Internship Practical Field Work
  • Final exam


  1. 11 Apr

    STUDENT TALK Psychology

    11. April 2023, 18:00
    Instagram Channel - Live Q&A
  2. 14 Apr

    Austria Model WHO

    14. April 2023, 10:00 - 16. April 2023, 17:00
    Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität für Gesundheitswissenschaften, Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30, 3500 Krems an der Donau
  3. 19 Apr

    KL Lunchtime Seminar: How do we know in which direction our eyes are pointing

    19. April 2023, 12:00 - 13:00
    Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität, Skylounge