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Selection Process

The selection process for the Medical Science bachelor programme consists of two stages – a written test, and an interview to which at least 270 applicants who performed best in the written test are invited. Based on the interviews, 135 candidates are selected for admission to the programme. This intensive process enables us to select the most qualified candidates from the large pool of applicants. The selection process is conducted in English and takes place over two days.

An administration fee is charged for participation in the process. You will receive your personal payment information when you submit your application. The administration fee is non-refundable. Only timely and complete payments can be considered.

Administration fee: EUR 350,00

Applicants are only invited to take part in the selection process if they:

  • have applied using the Online-Application
  • have supplied the necessary supporting documentation
  • meet the course entry requirements, or expect to do so at the time of admission
  • have transferred the administration fee in full and on time

Information brochure Admission test

Stage 1: written test

Duration: approx. 2 hours
Location: Online
Language: English

A catalogue of tasks and questions, developed exclusively for Karl Landsteiner University by German test procedure consultants ITB Consulting, is used for the written test. The test is geared towards the skills profile for prospective students and is an objective aptitude test that places the same demands on all candidates. It concentrates on the skills that are important for completing the degree programme. It does not require any specific prior knowledge, and does not cover specialist knowledge or any other skills required for school-leaving examinations.

Stage 2: interview

Duration: max. 1 hour
Location: Campus Krems
Language: English

The test sheets are evaluated in the course of the week following the test. At least 270 candidates who performed best in the written test will be invited for a personal interview.

The focus is on your personal and emotional skills (for example: motivation, social competence, value-driven problem solving). You will be observed/interviewed within 6 short scenarios by 6 different lecturers of Karl Landsteiner Private University. Two of these scenarios include an observed role play with actors.

Each scenario will start with a short introduction such as:
A man is taking care of his wife who has been in a coma for 6 years due to a car accident. She can breathe on her own but cannot move or communicate. He demands the removal of the artificial feeding tube. As her attending physician, what should you do?

In most scenarios, we do not expect you to know the right answer or the best course of action from a medical point of view, and we will never expect you to know any legal course of action. On the contrary, we want you to give an opinion based on your values and critically analyse and justify your opinions and views.

An observed role-play scenario might look like this:
You have just unintentionally run over your neighbour's cat while reversing your car. You have 5 minutes to break the bad news to your neighbour.

The selection panel makes the final decision on admission. Candidates are informed of the panel’s decision by e-mail. The decision may not be appealed.


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