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Human Medicine master programme

The Human Medicine master programme offers the scientific training required to enter the medical profession and provides the skills needed by independent practitioners.

At a glance
Duration:6 semesters
Fee:€ 8.000,- per semester*
Course language:German
Study places:70
Doctor of medicine (Dr.med.univ.)


The Human Medicine master programme builds on the Medical Science bachelor degree*. Besides offering the scientific training required to enter the medical profession, the programme is geared towards providing the skills needed by independent practitioners. The curriculum also supports development of the core competences of medical experts – professional conduct, interdisciplinary collaboration and communicative abilities – and other key qualities required for a medical career. On completing their degree, graduates receive the academic title of doctor of medicine (Dr.med.univ.).

This wide-ranging programme provides students with comprehensive expertise. Courses include a strong practical element and students get to grips with concrete medical issues at an early stage. The emphasis is on health science topics in a range of disciplines.

An additional focus on technology and economics means that graduates will have developed strong interdisciplinary communication and problem-solving skills, and excellent clinical abilities. As a result they are ideally placed to assume the responsibilities of decision-makers in an advanced health care system. The programme’s distinctive practical element comes courtesy of our close relations with a network of university hospitals comprising facilities in St Pölten, Krems and Tulln.

The Biomedical Engineering, Health Economics/Health Care Management and Applied Clinical Science electives give prospective physicians the opportunity to carry out specialist research into these topics during their degree.


At the end of the programme, students are required to write a master thesis. They begin working towards the thesis in the first semester, when they present a synopsis of a study project. Students obtain specific methodological expertise during elective courses, and use this know-how to draft a study protocol which serves as the basis for their master thesis. The electives, which students select from a range of modules, lay the groundwork for the master thesis. The elective subjects are:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Health Economics/Health Care Management
  • Applied Clinical Science

Master thesis supervisors, in consultation with the degree programme director, may require students to attend a voluntary elective with a workload of 10 ECTS credits, if this is essential for meeting the methods-based and content-related requirements of the master thesis project. Students may also choose to take voluntary electives (especially in the Biomedical Technology elective) subject to the approval of their thesis supervisor and the degree programme director.


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