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Go! Research

The initiative "Go! Research" (Forschungsimpulse) started in February 2018 in order to evaluate the potential for research activities at the University Clinics in St.Pölten, Krems and Tulln. As a result a set of measures was designed, that is now realised by means of a specific funding from the regional government of Lower Austria.

The main goals of Go! Research are:

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  • High-quality research activities at the KL university hospitals
  • Support of junior scientists at the KL university hospitals
  • Increased networking activities between the clinical departments and the basic research departments at KL
  • Increased number of cooperations and publication activity with international format
  • Career in clinical research
  • Simplified monitoring and increased visibility of research projects
  • Increased awareness and reputation of university hospitals and the KL
  • Increase site attractiveness - lighthouse function for Lower Austria

Go! research includes various services and measures:

  • Establishment of an institute for biostatistics
  • Establishment of a competence center for clinical trials
  • library resources
  • Training offers in the context of clinical research

Financing options:

Go! Research is intended to set in motion an interactive process of designing framework conditions for an internationally recognized, competitive research landscape at the KL and its university hospitals. Sound monitoring and transparent evaluation steps should help to make these activities a future project with sufficient dynamics and flexibility.

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