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Water Quality and Health


The division Water Quality and Health under the direction of Prof. Dr. Andreas Farnleitner was founded in 2017 and is part of the Inter-University Cooperation Centre Water and Health (ICC Water & Health). The activities of the research area focus on the development and application of new diagnostic methods for the detection, hazard and risk analysis of health-relevant microorganisms and pathogens in natural and technical water systems (e.g. drinking water supply, bathing water, wastewater). On the one hand, projects in the field of basic research and on the other hand, applied projects are carried out as a service for the public sector (e.g. health authorities) and water supply companies. The research work is carried out in close cooperation/coordination with ICC Water & Health. The division is, like all ICC Water & Health research groups, also strongly networked at the international level in expert organizations and with research institutions.

Research Interests

Development and evaluation of the diagnostics of health-relevant microorganisms

  • Microbiological indicators and genetic (faecal) biomarkers for water quality analysis
  • Selected water transferable/own water pathogens (including their antimicrobial resistance)

Occurrence and biology of health-relevant microorganisms

  • Microbial ecology of indicators and pathogens
  • Water microorganisms and biostability of water

Analysis and management of safe water use (in special implementation with Medical University of Vienna & TU Wien)

  • Concentrations, spread and reduction of indicators and pathogens in water resources (incl. model development)
  • Disinfection procedures (incl. inspection with special consideration of UV technology)
  • Risk modelling (infection & disease risks, defined health goals)


  1. 28 Mar

    INFO TALK: Bewerbung Medizinstudium

    28. March 2023, 18:00
    Online Chatroom: Microsoft Teams
  2. 29 Mar

    KL Luchtime Seminar: CaMKII spreads activity by inter-holoenzyme phosphorylation

    29. March 2023, 12:00 - 13:00
    Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität, Festsaal
  3. 11 Apr

    STUDENT TALK Psychology

    11. April 2023, 18:00
    Instagram Channel - Live Q&A