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Petra Zieglmayer, M.D.

Working Group "Danube ARC", Director of the certificate course "allergology and clinical immunology"


  1. 2021

    • Journal Article

      • Altrichter, S., Wöhrl, S., Horak, F., Idzko, M., Jordakieva, G., Untersmayr, E., Szepfalusi, Z., Zieglmayer, P., Jensen-Jarolim, E., Wiedermann, U., Rosenkranz, A. & Hötzenecker, W., 2021. Answers to burning questions for clinical allergologists related to the new COVID-19 vaccines. Allergo journal international, S.1-7.

      • Becker, S., Zieglmayer, P., Canto, G., Fassio, F., Yong, P., Acikel, C., Raskopf, E., Steveling-Klein, E.Helen, Allekotte, S. & Mösges, R., 2021. A meta-analysis on allergen-specific immunotherapy using MCT(®) (MicroCrystalline Tyrosine)-adsorbed allergoids in pollen allergic patients suffering from allergic rhinoconjunctivitis. Clinical and translational allergy, 11(4), S.e12037.

      • Curin, M., Huang, H.-J., Garmatiuk, T., Gutfreund, S., Resch-Marat, Y., Chen, K.-W., Fauland, K., Keller, W., Zieglmayer, P., Zieglmayer, R., Lemell, P., Horak, F., Hemmer, W., Focke-Tejkl, M., Flicker, S., Vrtala, S. & Valenta, R., 2021. IgE Epitopes of the House Dust Mite Allergen Der p 7 Are Mainly Discontinuous and Conformational. Frontiers in immunology, 12, S.687294.

      • G. Canonica, W., Klimek, L., Acaster, S., Dollner, R., Kaulsay, R., Lo, S.Hing, Price, D., Scadding, G.K., Valovirta, E. & Zieglmayer, P., 2021. Burden of allergic rhinitis and impact of MP-AzeFlu from the patient perspective: pan European patient survey. Current medical research and opinion, S.1.

      • Huang, H.-J., Resch-Marat, Y., Casset, A., Weghofer, M., Zieglmayer, P., Ing, R.Zieglmayer, Lemell, P., Horak, F., Chen, K.-W., Potapova, E., Matricardi, P.M., Pauli, G., Grote, M., Valenta, R. & Vrtala, S., 2021. IgE-recognition of the house dust mite allergen Der p 37 is associated with asthma. The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology, S.S0091-6749(21)01294-X [pii].

      • Pfaar, O., Bergmann, K.C., Bonini, S., Compalati, E., Domis, N., de Blay, F., de Kam, P.J., Devillier, P., Durham, S.R., Ellis, A.K., Gherasim, A., Haya, L., Hohlfeld, J.M., Horak, F., Iinuma, T., Jacobs, R.L., Jacobi, H.H., Jutel, M., Kaul, S., Kelly, S., Klimek, L., Larche, M., Lemell, P., Mahler, V., Nolte, H., Okamoto, Y., Patel, P., Rabin, R.L., Rather, C., Sager, A., Salapatek, A., Sigsgaard, T., Togias, A., Willers, C., Yang, J., Zieglmayer, R., Zuberbier, T. & Zieglmayer, P., 2021. Technical standards in allergen exposure chambers worldwide - an EAACI Task Force Report. Allergy.

      • Sarzsinszky, E., Lupinek, C., Vrtala, S., Huang, H.Jy, Hofer, G., Keller, W., Chen, K.Wei, Panaitescu, C.Bunu, Resch-Marat, Y., Zieglmayer, R., Lemell, P., Zieglmayer, P., Horak, F., Duchene, M. & Valenta, R., 2021. Expression in Escherichia coli and Purification of Folded rDer p 20, the Arginine Kinase From Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus: A Possible Biomarker for Allergic Asthma. Allergy, asthma & immunology research, 13(1), S.154-163.

  2. 2020

    • Journal Article

      • Tulaeva, I., Cornelius, C., Zieglmayer, R., Schmutz, R., Lemell, P., Weber, M., Focke-Tejkl, M., Karaulov, A., Henning, R., Valenta, R. & Zieglmayer, P., 2020. Quantification, epitope mapping and genotype cross-reactivity of hepatitis B preS-specific antibodies in subjects vaccinated with different dosage regimens of BM32. EBioMedicine, S.102953.


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