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Univ.-Prof.in Priv.-Doz.in MMag.a Dr.in Dagmar Stoiber-Sakaguchi

Professor of Pharmacology, Dept. Pharmacology, Physiology and Microbiology, Division Pharmacology (head)


  1. 2021

    • Journal Article

      • Breitenecker, K., Homolya, M., Luca, A.C., Lang, V., Trenk, C., Petroczi, G., Mohrherr, J., Horvath, J., Moritsch, S., Haas, L., Kurnaeva, M., Eferl, R., Stoiber-Sakaguchi, D., Moriggl, R., Bilban, M., Obenauf, A.C., Ferran, C., Dome, B., Laszlo, V., Gyorffy, B., Dezso, K., Moldvay, J., Casanova, E. & Moll, H.P., 2021. Down-regulation of A20 promotes immune escape of lung adenocarcinomas. Science translational medicine, 13(601), S.eabc3911 [pii].

      • Grandits, A.Michael, Nguyen, C.Huu, Schlerka, A., Hackl, H., Sill, H., Etzler, J., Heyes, E., Stoiber-Sakaguchi, D., Grebien, F., Heller, G. & Wieser, R., 2021. Downregulation of MTSS1 in acute myeloid leukemia is associated with a poor prognosis, chemotherapy resistance, and disease aggressiveness. Leukemia.

      • Klein, K., Stoiber-Sakaguchi, D., Sexl, V. & Witalisz-Siepracka, A., 2021. Untwining Anti-Tumor and Immunosuppressive Effects of JAK Inhibitors—A Strategy for Hematological Malignancies?. Cancers, 13(11), S.2611.

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      • Wallwitz, J., Aigner, P. & Stoiber-Sakaguchi, D., 2021. Tumor suppressors in acute myeloid leukemia. Leukemia & lymphoma, S.1-11.

  2. 2020

    • Journal Article

      • Stoiber-Sakaguchi, D. & Assinger, A., 2020. Platelet-Leukocyte Interplay in Cancer Development and Progression. Cells, 9(4).

  3. 2019

    • Journal Article

      • Aigner, P., Mizutani, T., Horvath, J., Eder, T., Heber, S., Lind, K., Just, V., Moll, H.P., Yeroslaviz, A., Fischer, M.J.M., Kenner, L., Gyorffy, B., Sill, H., Grebien, F., Moriggl, R., Casanova, E. & Stoiber-Sakaguchi, D., 2019. STAT3beta is a tumor suppressor in acute myeloid leukemia. Blood advances, 3, S.1989-2002.

      • Gluexam, T., Grandits, A.M., Schlerka, A., Nguyen, C.Huu, Etzler, J., Finkes, T., Fuchs, M., Scheid, C., Heller, G., Hackl, H., Harrer, N., Sill, H., Koller, E., Stoiber-Sakaguchi, D., Sommergruber, W. & Wieser, R., 2019. CGRP Signaling via CALCRL Increases Chemotherapy Resistance and Stem Cell Properties in Acute Myeloid Leukemia. International journal of molecular sciences, 20.

      • Wallwitz, J., Aigner, P., Gadermaier, E., Bauer, E., Casanova, E., Bauer, A. & Stoiber-Sakaguchi, D., 2019. Validation of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for quantification of endostatin levels in mice as a biomarker of developing glomerulonephritis. PloS one, 14, S.e0220935.

  4. 2015

    • Journal Article

      • Grabner, B., Schramek, D., Mueller, K.M., Moll, H.P., Svinka, J., Hoffmann, T., Bauer, E., Blaas, L., Hruschka, N., Zboray, K., Stiedl, P., Nivarthi, H., Bogner, E., Gruber, W., Mohr, T., Zwick, R.Harun, Kenner, L., Poli, V., Aberger, F., Stoiber-Sakaguchi, D., Egger, G., Esterbauer, H., Zuber, J., Moriggl, R., Eferl, R., Gyorffy, B., Penninger, J.M., Popper, H. & Casanova, E., 2015. Disruption of STAT3 signalling promotes KRAS-induced lung tumorigenesis. Nature Communications, 6, S.6285.

Research Projects

  • STAT3

    STAT3 isoforms in hematopoietic disorders

    • Project Number: LSC19-019
    • Project Lead: Dagmar Stoiber-Sakaguchi, Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences / Division of Pharmakologie
    • Project Partner: Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences / Division of Internal Medicine 2 (University Hospital Krems), Medical University of Vienna / Institute of Pharmacology
    • Duration: 36 months starting from 01.01.2021


    Aberrant activation of the Janus kinase (JAK)/signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT) signaling pathway
    is frequently associated with tumor development and the constitutive activation of STATs lies at the root of different
    hematopoietic malignancies. While several STAT members have been described to act as oncogenes, the transcription
    factor STAT3 serves as paradigm for tumorigenic signaling within this family. STAT3 has been described to promote
    proliferation as well as differentiation and it is the loss of transcriptional targets associated with differentiation, which is
    linked to the acquisition of tumorigenic potential.
    The goal of this project is to analyze the contribution of STAT3 isoforms to hematopoietic disorders. We plan to
    investigate how the shorter isoform, STAT3β, acts as tumor suppressor during acute myeloid leukemia,
    myelodysplastic syndrome as well as multiple myeloma. Furthermore, we aim to elucidate whether the balance of the
    two isoforms may help to predict patient outcome. This study is expected to shed light on the function of the shorter
    isoform STAT3β and STAT3-mediated control of leukocytes.

  • Dissertation project: STAT3α and STAT3β

    Unraveling the role of STAT3 isoforms in acute myeloid leukemia

    • Project Number: SC19-019
    • Project Lead: Dagmar Stoiber-Sakaguchi, Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences / Division of Pharmakologie
    • Duration: 36 months starting from 01.07.2020
  • STAT3 isoforms in acute myeloid leukemia

    Unraveling the role of STAT3 isoforms in acute myeloid leukemia

    • Project Number: P 32693-B
    • Project Lead: Dagmar Stoiber-Sakaguchi, Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences / Division of Pharmakologie
    • Duration: 48 months starting from 01.02.2020


    Many cancers are associated with aging, and leukemia as a cancer originating from blood stem cells, is strongly linked with age. Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) represents the second most common type of pediatric leukemia and the most common leukemia type in adults older than 50 years. With growing age also survival chances of patients decrease.
    One of the key signaling pathways in cancer development is the JAK/STAT pathway. Within this proposal we focus on two variants of one component of this pathway, namely STAT3, and their role during AML development. The expression of these STAT3 isoforms impacts on disease prognosis and may influence disease outcome. We aim to analyze the contribution of STAT3 isoforms to leukemogenesis with a particular focus on the underlying molecular mechanism. To do so we will use different experimental models of human and mouse tumorigenesis as well as state of the art in vitro experiments.
    We anticipate that our findings on the long run will help to improve clinical management, and that a deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms of STAT3 isoform function in AML may pave the way for modern individualized treatment strategies of AML patients.

  • ACCESS POINT Oncology

    Molecular oncology research to develop new treatment strategies based on clinical (OIS) and biological (biobank) datasets

    • Project Number: K3- F-730/003-2020
    • Project Lead: Klaus Podar, Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences / Molecular Oncology / Hematology
    • Project Partner: Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences / Division of Internal Medicine 2 (University Hospital Krems), Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences / Division of Pharmakologie, FH St. Pölten / Institute for IT Security Research, MedAustron
    • Duration: 48 months starting from 01.01.2020


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