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"Science Goes School" visits KL University

Tuesday, 08 May, 2018 - 16:00

The project „Science goes School“ by the Lower Austrian Research And Education Society (NFB) acts as a go-between for science and secondary schools.

The science world is made available to pupils aged 16 to 19 through talks, presentations, discussions, and hand-on projects, thus transferring knowledge about state of the art research. This morning 19 pupils of the Mary Ward Gymnasium St.Pölten paid us a visit in connection with the programme. In two workshops named „From Blood Sampling Via Doctor-Patient Interaction To Suturation And Knot Techniques“ the young people got a first impression of what studying at KL is like and were able to test their practical skills.

(c) KL/S.Tragschitz

Coached by Elisabeth Manhart, MA, they practised how to best communicate with patients. Sophie Schober, M.D., and the KL students Sebastian Pernerstorfer, BSc., and Michael Kellner then supervised them in setting injections and stitching wounds on dummies.


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