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News in the category „Research“

  1. New MRI Technique: Early Detection of Recurrent Glioblastoma

    Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences in ...

    26. January 2021
  2. @pixabay.com

    Crystal Clear: Special Middle-Ear Implants Improve Hearing Also Over The Long Term

    Study by Karl Landsteiner University of Health ...

    17. December 2020
  3. "I'm not a freak. I'm a scientist." - Young researchers in art calendar

    Young talents of Lower Austria's research ...

    15. December 2020
  4. Age and weight are factors which affect chances of recovery from rare brain tumour

    Study involving researchers from Karl Landsteiner ...

    29. September 2020
  5. Precision Implantation of Cutting-Edge Hybrid Hearing Devices Stabilises Residual Hearing

    Precision surgical implantation of electrodes for ...

    13. August 2020
  6. Grant Juan-Diego Silva

    NFB Grant for KL Researcher´s Team

    Dr. Andreas Reisinger and Juan-Diego Silva, ...

    14. July 2020
  7. NFB-funded research project on antibiotic resistance started at KL

    The KL Department of Water Quality and Health is ...

    27. May 2020
  8. Brain metastases: identification of residual tumors

    Does fluorescent marking facilitate the surgical ...

    19. May 2020