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News in the category „Research“

  1. First doctoral thesis at the biomechanics division

    As the first doctoral student of the biomechanics ...

    08. October 2021
  2. Bone & Cancer Cachexia Exacerbates Bone Resorption in Cancer Patients

    Team of KL identifies strong correlation between ...

    02. August 2021
  3. New Regulator For Blood Cancer Development Identified

    KL-key research area oncology: A research team ...

    23. June 2021
  4. Danube ARC: Successful midterm review

    The Allergy Centre of Excellence at Karl ...

    13. May 2021
  5. New MRI Technique: Early Detection of Recurrent Glioblastoma

    Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences in ...

    26. January 2021
  6. @pixabay.com

    Crystal Clear: Special Middle-Ear Implants Improve Hearing Also Over The Long Term

    Study by Karl Landsteiner University of Health ...

    17. December 2020
  7. "I'm not a freak. I'm a scientist." - Young researchers in art calendar

    Young talents of Lower Austria's research ...

    15. December 2020
  8. Age and weight are factors which affect chances of recovery from rare brain tumour

    Study involving researchers from Karl Landsteiner ...

    29. September 2020



  1. 03 Nov

    KL Lunchtime Seminar: On the Physiological Role of Store-Operated Calcium Entry in Skeletal Muscle

    03. November 2021, 12:00 - 13:00
    Karl Landsteiner University, 3500 Krems/Donau, Wing Y, KL Auditorium