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A series of international guest lectures at KL

Tuesday, 09 August, 2022 - 09:02

The KL Lunchtime Seminar Series regularly brings national and international researchers to Karl Landsteiner University. Presenting current research results promotes the scientific exchange at KL. The next semester will start with a top-class international guest.

Science thrives on discourse

The KL Lunchtime Seminar Series invites top Austrian and international scientists on the one hand and aspiring young researchers on the other to the Krems campus. This offers both students and KL staff the unique opportunity to learn more about selected, current research projects and to get in touch with researchers in an uncomplicated way. During the KL Lunchtime Seminars, the lecturers are encouraged to give a general and comprehensive introduction to their field of expertise. Even an audience that is not familiar with the topic gets interesting insight into different fields of recent research. Questions and discussions afterwards often open opportunities for cooperation with universities, scientists, and research groups. 


From the idea to the regular event

Agnieszka Witalisz-Siepracka, PhD, and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dagmar Stoiber-Sakaguchi from the Department of Pharmacology and Dr. Clarissa Eibl, MA, and Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerald Obermair from the Department of Physiology were looking for an opportunity to network with other scientists at the Krems Campus and the surrounding area in Lower Austria. The initial focus in cancer research and neurophysiology now extends over a broad range of topics. The KL Lunchtime Seminar Series is a platform open to all colleagues and students to invite speakers to KL. Suggestions are welcome at any time. By now, the KL Lunchtime Seminar Series have become a fixed programme item in the KL calendar. More listeners and a wider audience are welcome. Co-determination and co-design by other departments and thus new topics are aimed to and clearly defined as goals for the future.

Highlights of past programmes

The first guest lecture by Dominik Wolf from the Medical University of Innsbruck in October 2021 was about combating inflammatory processes in cancer. The topics of the following guest speakers are diverse and range from further lectures on the topic of cancer therapy to the functions of cation channels in the field of neurophysiology, which Susanna Zierler from the Johannes Kepler University Linz talked about.  Alice Assinger from the Medical University of Vienna gave exciting insights into the diverse roles of blood platelets and Birgit Strobl from the Veterinary University of Vienna presented extramedullary haematopoiesis as part of the innate immune defence against infections. Theoretical models such as in the lecture "Mechanisms of solute transport through cellular membranes" by Walter Sandtner from the Medical University of Vienna were presented as well as current physical or molecular biological findings. Since the inception of the scientific format, international speakers have enriched the programme of the KL Lunchtime Seminar Series: Jörg Fritz from McGill University in Montreal/Canada spoke about immune pathologies in connection with fat metabolism, Amy Lee from the University of Texas-Austin/USA impressively explained the role of a special receptor in metabolism and its influence on health and disease. From Germany, Markus Missler, Tanja Hartmann, and Jutta Engel presented their current research on selected metabolic processes at the KL.

News for the winter semester 2022-23

The list of exciting new guests is long. In September kick off will be with a lecture of Carmen Panaitescu-Bunu on "Precision Medicine in the Allergy Clinic", followed by Anjali Rajadhyaksha on "Learning to Forget: How Neuropsychiatric Risk Genes Can Explain Individual Addiction". In October, a joint event with the ÖH and the "Geben für Leben" association on the topic of "Stem Cell Donation - Saving Lives" is on the programme. Interested people will get an insight into stem cell research and can ask their questions about stem cell donation. Afterwards, registration as a donor will be possible. A large part of the lectures, including subsequent discussions, will take place in presence. With the hybrid format there is also the opportunity to invite top-class international speakers, even if a journey to the Campus Krems should not be possible.

To increase the audience and to provide interested people with targeted information, it is planned to build up a community of its own. In addition, the KL Lunchtime Seminar Series will be offered as an elective within the framework of (medical) studies. For the organisers, the KL Lunchtime Seminar Series has proven itself as a platform for scientific discourse and are indispensable in KL's research culture.


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