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Nursing Science with focus on Person-Centred Care Research

Mission Statement

By looking at people as individuals, nursing as a profession has always been associated with person-centeredness. Over time, this professional ethos has evolved into a broader, inclusive philosophy of health care with a strategic orientation.

Person-Centered Care Research focuses on knowledge production from the perspectives of care recipients and their families as well as caregivers/practitioners in the respective health care setting.
From the perspective of care recipients and their families, the research addresses questions about a good care experience and the best possible outcomes through person-centered care. From the perspective of care practitioners, the research addresses questions about the design of interventions and processes in the sense of person-centeredness, as well as the conditions and prerequisites of person-centered care. At the organisational level, we examnie how a person-centered culture can be developed and thus how person-centeredness can become sustainable.
The profile of the Division of Nursing Science primarily includes the field of implementation and impact research, as well as theoretical and methodological basic work and further development of person-centered care.

The development and evaluation of new, research-based concepts and concrete interventions for the care of people with dementia is another focus of our department. The questionof the development of adequate research methods, which can do justice to the inclusion and the recording of the view of this special target group, will be in the focus of the nursing science research at the KL.
Person-centeredness functions not only as a theoretical, but also as a methodological guiding principle in the research process, and in this understanding is applied to research participants as well as to researchers.  ...


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