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General- and Family Medicine

Mission Statement

COVID-19: Information platform for primary care

The central task in the current situation concerning the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is to maintain basic medical care for all patients. Especially in primary care, more and more severely ill persons will need extramural care.

The platform "COVID-19: Prevention and handling in primary care practices" offers valuable information and recommendations for action on the central questions and problems in the daily routine of general practitioners. The platform serves as a hub for the exchange of information and experiences by doctors for doctors. It is updated continuously.

(Last: 24.3.2020)

The Competence Centre aims to promote, research and teach general and family medicine and is supported by the Niederösterreichische Forschungs- und Bildungsgesellschaft m.b.H. (NFB). General and family medicine is a separate field with special tasks and a specific way of working. It is the special subject of the generalist, who concentrates on the human being in its entirety.

Specialist subjects:


  • Symptom or symptom complex
  • Conduct
  • Consultation event


  • Person
  • Family
  • Environment
  • Values....


  • Multimorbidity
  • Polypharmacy

This results in special tasks, specific competences and a characteristic methodology of its own, so that general and family medicine has its own specific body of knowledge. The field of work of general medicine includes the primary care of all patients with physical and mental health disorders, both in acute consultation situations and in the care and treatment of chronically ill people. This also includes tasks in prevention and rehabilitation.

The general medical approach is characterized by the consideration of somatic, psycho-social and socio-cultural aspects. The most important tools are: medical and professional width, continuity of care and treatment, and the professional doctor-patient relationship. On the one hand, this results in the importance for the health care system as a suitable entry point, as a holistic bracket covering all specialized co-treatment specialists, and as competent practitioners who can treat about 90% of all concerns conclusively. This also involves ensuring individualised and personalised treatment according to the latest scientific findings, as well as protecting the patient from over- and under-care.

Central research areas of the competence centre are the research and dissemination of general and family medical professional theory, the development and adaptation of EBM-based guidelines under the special conditions of general and family medical practice, and further measures for quality assurance in everyday practice. Another focus is the teaching of general and family medicine with its specific contents and characteristic methodology.


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