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Research topic Psychological Methodology

The Division Psychological Methodology generally focuses on internet-based research and also supports the 'open science' initiative. Currently the following research projects can be supported:

Planned research project: Does excessive social media consumption lead to problems in the recognition of emotions?

Technological upheavals always lead to intensive research into possible negative effects. One of the latest technological achievements is the smartphone. Although it was originally developed as a mobile phone, it is now mainly used for text-based social communication. This new form is also known as "social media", where users no longer communicate face-to-face or verbally, but almost exclusively text-based with the help of social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp). In the past, the fear was expressed that due to the lack of interaction "face-to-face" the ability to recognize emotions in faces might be lost.

Would you like to learn more about "excessive social media consumption"? In an interview, Professor Stefan Stieger, PD, Head of Division Psychological Methology, Department Psychology and Psychodynamics explains, how excessive social media consumption can affect the psyche and health and which population groups are particularly at risk.

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Mag.a (FH) Ingrid Brunner

Communications, PR & Marketing (deputy head) - Marketing, Fundraising & Sponsoring
stieger stefan

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Stefan Stieger, PD

Professor of Psychology, Dept. Psychology and Psychodynamics, Division Psychological Methodology (head)

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