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4. European Calcium Channel Conference

Tue, 24.05.2022 - 09:00 - Sat, 28.05.2022 - 17:00
Congress Centrum Alpbach, A-6236 Alpbach

We are pleased to announce that the next Calcium Channel Conference will take place in Alpbach, Austria.

In the very first physiology lecture medical students learn that calcium is a ubiquitous and essential signaling molecule. Special calcium channels regulate how much calcium is entering our cells and thereby regulate many important body functions. But did you know that these calcium channels are important enough to organize an entire international scientific conference dedicated to them?

Together with colleagues from Innsbruck and Germany, Prof. Gerald Obermair is organizing the

 4th European Calcium Channel Conference from 24-28th May 2022 in Alpbach/Austria.

In five days more than 70 international scientists will present their latest findings on the different types of calcium channels. For example, how calcium channels regulate the fight-or-flight response, the heartbeat, and the contraction of muscles, how their malfunction leads to autism, neuropsychiatric disorders, hormone dysfunctions, or hypertension, and finally, how calcium channels can be used as therapeutic targets against many diseases.

The European Calcium Channel Conference also provides a scientific platform for early career researchers and hosts workshops on science communication and bio-entrepreneurship especially for PhD students.

More information about the program at https://calciumchannel.eu/eccc2022-program/


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