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A donation to the KL is tax deductible!

The Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität für Gesundheitswissenschaften GmbH is a state-approved, accredited private university.

According to § 4a (2) Z 1 EstG 1988, donations (voluntary contributions) to the Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität für Gesundheitswissenschaften GmbH are tax deductible for the purpose of promoting research and teaching.

Bank account details:

RecipientKarl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences GmbH
Purpose of useKL donation
BankBank Austria
IBANAT19 1200 0100 1320 3616

Donation deductibility

Due to the introduction of the "automatic employee assessment" for employed persons by the Ministry of Finance on 1 January 2017, donations to tax-privileged recipients such as the Karl Landsteiner Private University are only tax-deductible if you inform us of your first and last name(s) and your date of birth (DD.MM.YYYY). The spelling of the name must correspond to that in the registration form.

As a charitable organisation, we are obliged to forward this data together with your annual donation sum (in encrypted form) to the tax office. The donated amount will then automatically be taken into account by the tax office in the employee's assessment. An independent reporting of your donation to the authorities (as before) is no longer possible due to the fundamental change in the process from 2017.

Anonymous donations or donations without complete and correct details of first name, surname and date of birth cannot be reported by us to the authorities and therefore cannot be processed or deducted for tax purposes in your favour.

Of course, it is still possible to make donations anonymously, but you waive the tax deductibility.

The deductibility of companies as business expenses (§ 4 a (1) EStG ) is limited by the fact that the total amount of donations may not exceed 10% of the profit of the current business year.

For private individuals, § 18 (1) Z 7 EstG allows the deduction of special expenses up to 10% of the total income of the donor.

Further information on donation deductibility: https://www.bmf.gv.at/kampagnen/spendenservice.html


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